YouTuber turns toilet into gaming PC when duty calls


A YouTuber has created a high-end gaming PC out of his toilet, going so far as to add LED lights for gamers and a transparent case for maximum gamer aesthetics. They even managed to keep the toilet flushing functions intact.

Every hardcore PC gamer has run into the predicament of needing to use the bathroom mid-game. This often has the effect of blocking the natural urge and rushing to the bathroom afterwards. What if you had a gaming PC in your bathroom?

YouTuber Nicholas “Basically Homeless” Zetta created just that and went even further. Instead of just creating a PC for the bathroom, he managed to turn his toilet into a PC, while keeping the characteristics of conventional toilets intact.

“For obvious reasons, this must have been around for a long time,” the YouTuber joked to justify his extensive preparation and research to create the toilet PC.

Nicholas understands that portable gaming devices exist in the forms of Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. But he stressed, “I don’t want to use my thumbs anymore.” The YouTuber went deeper into his goals, saying, “I want to sweat it out, try hard FPS games from the toilet.”

The toilet PC comes with powerful specs with a 240z display, making it more than powerful enough to handle the majority of today’s FPS games. For those wondering, the computer parts are all placed in the tank – separated from the flushing sections by a wall.

When it came to the process of creating the very first toilet PC, the YouTuber absolutely had to do a lot of leg work. His YouTube video explains the process in depth – but long story short, he had to master both plumbing and computer construction for this miracle to happen.

Near the end of the video, Nicholas played CS:GO while sitting on the toilet, even showing his teammates the flush mechanism. “I’m happy now, the toilet is done.”

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