YouTube Gaming app to be discontinued by Google


Google recently announced that it closing the YouTube Gaming app. The application will be removed at the end of May. In its place, the company recommends viewers visit the new YouTube main page.

To ease the transition, the company recently released an FAQ to help address any concerns about the shutdown. As part of this, he recommends that all users merge their subscriptions to retain most streaming preferences.

As for the new hub page that replaces the app, Google says users won’t currently be able to set it as their default YouTube experience. Instead, they recommend that people simply bookmark it.

Additionally, games saved by users in YouTube Gaming will not be transferred. While the removal of the app seems like a loss to viewers, Google says it’s “exploring better ways to organize your gaming interests on YouTube.”

When it comes to streamers on the platform, Google says nothing changes for them. People will still be able to watch their YouTube streams through the new hub.

The YouTube Gaming app was launched in 2015 as Google’s hub for live gaming streams. As part of this, Google used the app as a testing ground for a number of new YouTube features. However, the app is said to have caused confusion among viewers. In its FAQ, Google states that its developers “want to make it easier for video game creators and fans to connect where everyone’s watching: in the main YouTube app.”

Of course, Google will launch its new Stadia games subscription service in the future. With that in mind, it’s likely that Google removing the app is somehow tied to Stadia. Google will reveal more details about Stadia soon, gamers will likely learn what the shutdown of the YouTube Gaming app then takes into account in the service.

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