Xbox partners with Samsung to bring gaming app to smart TVs


During Microsoft’s “What’s Next for Gaming” virtual briefing this week, the tech giant revealed its plan to bring the Xbox app to Samsung Smart TVs.

Starting June 30, gamers can access the Xbox app through the Games Hub on a 2022 Samsung TV, pair a Bluetooth controller, and be able to play over a hundred cloud-enabled games in the Xbox Game Pass library. Ultimate – including titles from Xbox Game Studios – without the need for a console.

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Noting that streaming is starting to be a common thread through all of Xbox’s offerings, Microsoft Gaming Chief Marketing Officer Jerret West said in a statement, “This is a scenario where with a premium partner, a Samsung Smart TV 2022 and in the future, you’ll be able to launch and have a streaming game experience through an Xbox app on the TV right there.

This new feature is part of the vision that Xbox shared in a Wire article last June work with global TV manufacturers to integrate the Xbox app directly into internet-connected TVs with no additional hardware required except a controller.

At launch, cloud gaming will be available on Samsung TVs in 27 countries.

“We’re building a platform that can reach billions of gamers – whether it’s console, whether it’s PC, whether it’s via Xbox cloud streaming – where gamers on any device they want to play on should be able to find the content they want to play,” Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said in a statement. “Whether on a web browser, in an app, or on a dedicated gaming device. just fundamental to where Xbox is headed: finding as many players as possible, cultivating a community of amazing creators.”

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