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Newly launched fantasy gaming platform will create 1 lakh job opportunities by 2025

NOIDA, India, March 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Wisdom Group Entered the Online Gaming Segment India with the launch of its online gaming platform: Wishgames11. While going to a best friend’s house for a gaming session is not ideal due to the ongoing pandemic situation, users can make up for those missed moments with the newly launched app: Wishgames11, a fantastic online gaming app.

Say hello to Wish games11

Wisdom Group launches its most anticipated online fantasy gaming app, Wishgames11, with a catchy slogan: “Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori”. It is a fantastic community driven online gaming platform that offers one of the best digital gaming experiences. This platform also aims to help people with regular income opportunities, especially those who have been severely affected by the pandemic.

The free application is user-friendly and simple; all a user needs to do is register, create a team, select a competition and start the game. Wishgames11 also gives the user the joy of competing in their favorite sports such as cricket , football, Kabaddi, Kushti, and the possibility of defining the rules of the game.

What makes Wishgames11 unique

“The global pandemic has left many people in India unemployed, and making a decent living now seems quite difficult, ”says Deb mukherjee (Founder and CEO of the group, Wisdom Group). While sympathizing with many unemployed, Deb mukherjee decided to think outside the box and thought of helping people by providing a platform that could help them not only play, win prizes, be entertained, but also make a living on a regular basis.

Wishgames11 is designed to quench the thirst of all sports fans who dream of bringing their desi (in other words: domestic) and informative games and gaming skills to a global level. Even though this is a real-time digital gaming experience, india national sports such as hockey, Kabaddi and Kushti deserve to be played on a global scale along with other world famous games such as cricket or football.

Currently, the fantastic games on Wishgames11 are only available for cricket, football and hockey. Other popular sports will also be live very soon. With the launch of a fantastic gaming app, Wisdom Group has entered a new dimension by opening gateways for people to make a living; on the platform, users can register as players and coaches. As a player, a user can just play and enjoy india the most acclaimed online games and win prizes by competing against other users. On the other hand, as a coach, a user can also have a means of subsistence; referral income, bonus income and other great rewards can be used. First, users can earn referral bonuses by referring Wishgames11 to family and friends by sharing a unique referral code. Second, the “bonus income” plan for coaches allows a user to have a secure lifetime income that will be synchronized and positively correlated with the income of the business. With its current pace, Wishgames11 is on track to achieve critical mass of revenue at year end; a landmark that coaches can look forward to in the near future. Third, for every wallet top-up made by Coaches, they will get instant cashback of up to 10% on their professional accounts based on their respective levels in the app.

Integrity and Wisdom: an unrivaled approach at Wisdom Group

Based in Noida, Wisdom Group has grown into a well-known brand in itself, trusted by people since its inception. The journey began with the incorporation of Wisdom Capital in 2013 and since then the company has been widely known for its highly innovative performance and phenomenal customer service. The company has received a number of accolades, including ‘india Most reliable brand ‘ by White Page International in 2020, ‘Amity Corporate Excellence Award for promoting financial literacy‘by Amity University in 2020, and’Best Brand Award‘by the World Marketing Congress at the Uttar Pradesh Brand Leadership Awards in 2021.

Deb mukherjee, Founder and CEO of Wisdom Group, has been recognized as’india Inspiring leader‘by White Page International in 2020. The company was also awarded “india Most Admired Financial Advisory Services Company in Delhi– NCR “several times. Deb mukherjee has always insisted on maintaining good control over human resources. Through training, Wisdom Group employees never compromise on their integrity, ethics or values. Prior to launching into fantasy games, the company made its presence felt in several industries including financial markets (Wisdom Capital), IT services (Wisdom Tree Ventures), fantasy games (Wishgames11), SaaS software (Wisdom CRM), Insurance Aggregation (Wisdom Policy) and has interests in many upcoming industries such as the housing and food and beverage industry.

Online gambling market India

“The online gaming company has already established itself as a long-term wealth creator in the unlisted equity market, with a 70-fold return over the past 15 years,” writes Economic times. An FICCI-EY report said the online gaming segment is worth Rs 6,500 crore in 2019 and would receive Rs. 18,700 crores in 2022. According to KPMG, “The IPL fantasy league will be worth $ 1 billionBCC research, a market research company, argues that the global online fantasy sports market is expected to grow from $ 20.4 billion in 2020 at $ 86.3 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.4%. “The online gaming space offers a huge scope and we are here to have our piece of the pie,” said Bharat Bansal, Director of Wishgames11.

Although conservative figures on the growth and potential of fantasy gaming in India are assumed, creating jobs in the order of 1 lakh by 2025 does not appear to be a difficult task. Obviously, Bharat Bansal’s optimism does not appear to be unfounded.

Much more to come

Here is the continuation of the fantastic game application. Wishgames11 is ready to walk and climb much bigger and higher terrains. Custom play features and cash prizes are sure to be on the menu. Players are holding on to your nerves because this is only the beginning and the best is yet to come.

Wish games11 is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Just log in to www.wishgames11.com be part of india exciting, fantastic community driven games. Download the app link and start the game in real time with your favorite players.

About the wisdom group

Wisdom Group is a diversified business entity with a presence in financial services, information technology (IT), and interests in the insurance industry and online gaming.

For more details, please contact www.wisdomcapital.in

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