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Gamesir, a leading provider of innovative and high-quality gaming peripherals, is pleased to announce the launch of the T4 Mini Wireless Controller, a smaller version of its successful T4 series controller with a more design. compact and lighter. Ideal for travel and those with small hands. Featuring a built-in 6-axis gyroscope and dual asymmetric motors, the T4 mini is compatible with Switch, Android, iOS and PC phones. From October 11 to 13 the T4 mini is available on AliExpress for just $ 29.99 / £ 23 using an available $ 6 / £ 4.52 discount coupon. The first 500 orders on AliExpress will also receive a free carrying case. After this date, the price will be $ 35.99. The T4 mini also available on GameSir website with Amazon is expected to be in stock mid-November.

The majority of game controllers come in a standard size, which can make it slightly more uncomfortable for those with small hands to grab and play for longer periods of time. Fortunately, GameSir has fixed this problem with its latest version, the T4 Mini. Compact and lightweight, the wireless controller is ideal for families and travel and offers great cross-platform compatibility, allowing gamers to use it on Switch, Android, iOS phones and PCs. In particular, it is perfect for Switch in multiplayer games, providing a great gaming experience with its built-in 6-axis gyroscope and two asymmetric motors allowing more motion inputs such as tilt and rotate for a smoother experience. active and immersive. Dual asymmetric motors create different, non-monotonic vibration effects on the left and right grips, providing vivid vibration feedback for racing, fighting and shooting games.

With a size of only L 5.63 “× W 3.27”, the T4 Mini allows little hands to hold the controller more comfortably with less fatigue. With multiple turbo setups, gamers can perform shooting actions quickly, without having to continually press buttons to stop sore fingers while protecting the gamepad at the same time. Options include Manual Turbo, Auto Turbo, One-Touch Turbo Cancel, and All-Key Turbo Cancel, allowing players to change their preferences based on the game they are playing.

The T4 Mini is an ideal Switch partner and automatically goes into automatic sleep mode after switching off the display of Switch consoles, thus preserving battery life without manual shutter release. The T4 Mini will also wake up the Switch console with one touch for a quick game play. When connected to smaller devices like Android and iOS phones, the compatibility of the T4 Mini is also not compromised. IOS gamers can enjoy MFi and Apple Arcade games while Android gamers are free to play HID supported games.

The T4 doesn’t just feel great, it also looks great with 4 kinds of backlighting on the joystick, allowing gamers to customize the color and backlight modes to create a different gaming atmosphere in different scenarios. they are tense or relaxing to provide a more immersive gaming experience. Fashion options include static (9 colors optional, blue, red, green, yellow, cyan, orange, purple, pink and rainbow), 8-color breathing cycle, Rainbow breathing And out.

The T4 mini includes a built-in 600mAh battery to provide up to 10 hours of gaming from a short 3 hour charge time. The power saving design of auto sleep mode also conserves battery power so the game can last longer.

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