Why You Want RGB Lighting on Your Gaming Gear

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Do you know those cool, flashy, colorful lights on play equipment? These are RGB lights! Even though most people think they’re just for show, RGB lighting can be much more beneficial than you think. Here’s why.

It looks spectacular

We all know that friend or streamer who loves RGB lighting. They have it on their mouse, keyboard, microphone, headset, graphics card and RAM. You name it. They probably have a room completely full of lights. Behind the computer desk, monitors, on the walls, under the bed and behind the television.

But let’s be honest, it’s pretty amazing to see color-coordinated lights in someone’s bedroom and on all of their gaming gear. It exudes the aesthetic of a true gamer who takes his craft seriously. We all want to look like pros even if we’re not, and RGB lighting is one way to do that.

Remember that the lighting effects don’t have to be intense. Most RGB gear lets you customize the effects, so you can choose something basic rather than a flashy mode with a million changing colors. Sometimes a solid teal lighting setup is all you need.

Enter the area

Having RGB gear can make you feel more immersed in your game. Similar to playing your favorite workout songs at the gym, RGB lighting can help you get in the zone, which can increase your focus and your performance.

Believe it or not, lights and colors can affect your mood. For example, blue and green lighting are soothing colors that can help you feel more relaxed. Red lightning is often perceived as intense, as if something intense is about to fall. Some people may benefit from red lighting when playing fast-paced games like first-person shooters. It can put you in a battle-ready state, ready to take on anything.

Mechanical keyboard at 60%

Durgod HK Venus RGB

A fun and compact 60% mechanical keyboard with awesome RGB lights. Customizable with HKG software.

You can experiment with different colors and modes to see which one helps you the best. Some people may even have a different lighting setup for different games. It’s about finding what works best for you to give you a mental edge over your opponents.

Brighten up your day, literally

Everyone is bound to have bad days when you don’t feel like your normal, happy self. Think about the last time you had a bad day. Imagine if you stayed in a room with dim lights and dull colors. You’d probably feel worse, right? Maybe you wouldn’t want to turn on your gaming system at all.

Now imagine you were in a bright room with vibrant lights and the lights were glowing in your favorite colors. You are much more likely to feel better than in a dark, depressing room. RGB lighting could literally brighten up your day to put you in the right frame of mind to play your best or feel a little better.

Plus, it’s just more fun to play with nice lighting. When you’re in the zone and playing with friends, it feels good to watch and see everyone’s lights. This creates a more connected and enjoyable gaming experience. Not to mention the importance of good lighting when streaming.

It’s easy to turn off

Some may find RGB lighting distracting when playing games that require a lot of concentration. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to turn the lights off, as you can usually do so with the light’s software or by pressing a button on your equipment.

iCUE, for example, is software designed for Corsair users to manage and control all of their Corsair gear. You can customize lighting effects on any device with RGB, as well as turn them off. You can also create profiles that allow you to change your settings based on the selected profile. There’s even an advanced feature that lets you create profiles for games, which is perfect for those who want to disable or dim the lights when starting a specific game.

RGB-lit equipment always comes with software or an easy way to turn off or adjust the lighting. If you can’t find a method, find the exact name of your game equipment and read the product description. It will tell you either the name of the software to install or how to turn off the lights without it.

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