Why Dream11 is the best fantasy gaming app


Who would have imagined that the introduction of an app would change the fate of an entire industry and bring a revolution to India? Dream11 did the same. The app has become the leader and paved the way for fantastic sports in the country. Started as a personal project at one point, Dream11 has grown into a giant company with over 90% share of the total fantasy games space.

What makes Dream11 so popular? Why is this the best fantasy gaming app? Let’s discuss

Number of games available
Dream11 is a fantastic sports platform which allows a user to play several fantastic games. While fantasy cricket is the most popular game in India, not everyone would play it. Dream11 meets the needs of most users as it offers several fantastic games including cricket, soccer, kabaddi, basketball, hockey, baseball and handball. A user could choose the game of their choice and start playing on the platform.

The large number of options available attracts more users making it an all-in-one fantastic sports app. If a user wants to play 2 or 3 fantastic games, they don’t need to look for another platform. He could switch between games simultaneously on the same app.

User friendly interface
The Dream11 app is very pleasing to the eye. Its color pattern (red and white) is soothing to the eyes and has a minimalist look. In addition, the app is quite easy to use. Any new user or someone who does not know anything about the application / platform could find their way there. It is easy to use and one can switch between games in no time.

The app is fast and responsive, which attracts a ton of users.

Easy-to-grip decorative stitch system
Understanding the fantastic point system is the key for a user to enter a fantastic contest. If a user does not understand the point system, they will not participate in the game. Dream11 has a simple fantasy point system for each fantasy sport. You talk about cricket, football or kabaddi – every game has a fantastic point system that is easy as pie. You could understand the rules and the points system effortlessly, and this is one of the main reasons Dream11 has managed to attract so many new users.

There are several sites that are in this niche and offer dream11 prediction for users to help them win the games.

Variety of competitions
Dream11 has the biggest prize pool of all. Not only the amount of the prize, but the variety of contests offered by Dream11 is also unparalleled. Dream11 offers two contests – free and paid. Free contests are training contests that any user can enter to hone their skills. There are mainly three types of paid contests: Big Leagues, Mega Leagues, and Little Leagues.

Leagues with 2 to 20 players are considered small leagues. Leagues with more than 20 to 100 players are considered mega leagues. And leagues with over 100 players are considered big leagues.

Dream11 also offers paid contests for all budgets. You can now join the big leagues of the big games for as little as INR 1. A user can participate in a competition adapted to his needs, skills and budget.

Easy deposit and withdrawal system
Dream11 has a smooth deposit and withdrawal system. Once the account is verified, a user can easily deposit money into their Dream11 account using your debit / credit card or net banking. Dream11 also has a hassle-free withdrawal system. A user can withdraw their winnings easily once the winnings cross the INR 100 mark.

The amount is transferred to the bank account within seconds of the transaction. A user can also transact using UPI or any electronic wallet. These transparent transactions added a lot of credibility to Dream11 and were able to gain the trust of their users.

Constant upgrades
Dream11 prioritizes retention of its users above anything else, as they keep updating to meet ever-increasing demands. With a massive gain in popularity and user base, Dream11 has increased the maximum number of teams per user from 6 to 11. They continue to update their fantastic point system and rules to add more excitement to the game. game. Besides, they added features like chat and feed where Dream11 users could develop as a community and connect within themselves.

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