Want to build a small gaming PC? Get this CM NR200 case


The Cooler Master NR200 is, in my opinion, the most economical small form factor PC case on the market today. The fancy NR200P version, with an additional glass side panel, costs £ 100, but the cheaper NR200 normally costs £ 80 – and today it’s dropped to £ 60 at Amazon.

This is a great price for an incredibly well-designed ITX case, which offers excellent airflow, a simple installation procedure, and support for a wide range of components, including graphics cards. long and wide with three slots, all in a frame measuring 360 x 185 x 274 mm, barely bigger than a shoebox.

I bought the NR200 as part of a similar deal a month or two ago, and was very impressed with this case. Normally, small form factor builds are a frustrating exercise from part selection to installation, but the NR200 is surprisingly easy to integrate.

You have a choice of air or water coolers, with AiOs up to 280mm or 155mm height air coolers supported. In terms of power supplies, smaller than usual SFX or SFX-L power supplies are ideal, but you can also rearrange the internal components slightly to fit an ATX power supply as well. Graphics cards up to 330mm in length are supported, so even an RTX 3090 Founders Edition would do.

The actual building process is also straightforward. The side panels detach without a screwdriver, and the top and bottom can be removed with one screw each. With the exposed bezel, it’s easy to run your cables and position each component in turn. There are plenty of cable tie points on the frame to keep things tidy, two pre-installed fans for airflow, and dust filters throughout. There are also two USB ports and a 3.5mm port at the top.

For my NR200 I bought a Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro Ax motherboard, Corsair 750W SFX power supply and Asus AiO 240mm cooler, then I inserted an RTX 2080 Super and a Ryzen 9 3900XT. The actual installation only took an hour and a half, much less than I expected. (You can see some photos on my Twitter here.)

I have been very impressed with the performance of the system so far, and it is also relatively quiet under normal use. The ventilated back, bottom, and sides mean there’s plenty of airflow to keep each component cool, and there’s even room in the base to fit two more fans if I wanted. The whole system is heavy, but small enough to fit in a suitcase – very very cool.

So, I probably rambled on enough. If you are looking for a compact case, this is in my opinion the best available – easy to get at a reasonable price, easy to integrate, and well designed. £ 60 is an amazing price – I paid over £ 90 for mine! – then get it back after reading the required reviews online.

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