This little game room box is for a good cause


To paraphrase Xzibit, “we’ve heard you like platforms, so we’ve put a platform in your platform.” And what a platform it is. Created by Suchao Modding & Design of Thailand, and brought to our attention by PC player, who obviously spent too much time Reddit and Facebook, this delicious diorama is a PC, its pieces cleverly hidden in walls and furniture. There’s also an Intel NUC disguised as a coffee table and a wall mounted Nintendo Switch.

had_to_share_this_credit_suchao_prowphong of r / pcmasterrace

The desktop is a GeForce RTX 3060 Ti – an Asus ROG Strix Gaming – while on top is an ITX motherboard (Asus ROG Strix B560) with a Core 17 11700K, 16 GB of Thermaltake RGB RAM clocked at 4400 MHz and an Intel M. 2 SSD processor.

The processor water block is connected via a custom tube to a Pacific CLD 360 radiator with a three fan configuration, the aquarium acts as a coolant reservoir and all of the small displays on the desktop work as well, although there is a video output in one of the walls too. The Intel NUC houses a Celeron J3455 and only draws ten watts, while the main PC is powered by a 650W Thermaltake PSU, although we don’t know exactly where it has placed it – perhaps. in the air conditioner. The arcade machine displays different screens in different photos, so it appears to be at least semi-functional as well, although the tiny MacBook above the NUC probably isn’t. There are even tiny Harry Potter books stacked on a shelf.

3D Printed Rigged Platform Is Priced In An Intel Players’ days 2021 event that supports Technovation, “a global not-for-profit technology education organization that empowers underrepresented groups to be leaders and creative problem solvers through technology and engineering education.”

If you just want to admire the work, there is a Photo gallery on Facebook, where modder Suchao Prowphong also shows his other creations, including this one Gatling gun case mod.

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