This Iron Man gaming PC mod is a marvel


A talented computer modder has created an Iron Man gaming PC, and it looks like it came straight from Stark Industries. Inspired by the Marvel superhero’s iconic red and gold costume, the NOUA Fobia F4 custom PC case even has a glowing arc reactor, so you can pretend it’s not powered by a regular power supply.

Assembled by Specialist_Yak on Reddit (Dante’s Hardware on YouTube), the Iron Man gaming computer 3D printed case diorama design features making it look like the hero is making his way to the front of the platform. The computer’s chassis is covered in a coat of crimson paint, and its tempered glass side panel bears a bold Stark Industries logo.

The interior of Specialist_Yak’s Iron Man gaming PC is equally impressive, with a futuristic light that evokes the vibrations of an arc reactor. In terms of GPU, the release uses a Radeon RX 6800, a choice that continues the platform’s red theme in a more subtle and cheesy way. One of AMD’s best graphics cards is powered by a 750W PSU, but we’ll keep claiming it uses fusion to boost fps.

Custom gaming PC builds don’t have to be fancy to impress, with projects like this Corsair case mod subtly proving the worth. Still, turning an ordinary old tower into a wonderful Iron Man-themed diorama exemplifies the talents of the modding community, and it hammers home the point that PCs can double as gaming desktop art, too. It’s not like Iron Man will return to the MCU anytime soon, so we need to stock up where we can.

For a closer look at this wonderful machine, check out Specialist_Yak’s build video on the modder’s YouTube channel.

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