The Thought of Getting $500 Off This RTX 3060 Ti Gaming PC Makes My Head Spin


Right now, Newegg is selling this ABS Master gaming PC, with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti (opens in a new tab) inside, for $1,200. Looks like an exceptional entry-level combo for the price, which is down from $1,700 – that’s a good $500 off (opens in a new tab). So let’s take a look inside and break down what you get.

The RTX 3060 Ti produces decent frame rates at 4K, scoring an average of 54fps in Horizon Zero Dawn (opens in a new tab)so you can bet it’ll hold up if all you want to do is play Fortnite or games at lower resolutions, like 1440p.

Along with a current-gen Nvidia GPU with ray-tracing capability, you get a 2.60GHz Intel Core i5 11400F processor. (opens in a new tab) CPUs. It’s only a generation behind the mainstream, and while it doesn’t benefit from DDR5 memory speeds, it’s still a decent accompaniment to the RTX 3060 Ti. In fact, it might be a bit of an exaggeration.

The F at the end of this CPU model number means there’s no iGPU, so the CPU won’t show any images if you decide to remove the GPU from the case and resell it – don’t be this guy.

The 16GB of memory you get in this machine is more than enough for this level of gaming PC, and the 1TB manual drive should go with you unless you want to install every Call of Duty game ever made at once. time. In fact, we don’t often see 1TB gaming machines at this price, manufacturers often save money by adding just 512GB. Not here, though.

As a nifty little extra, this PC comes with Bluetooth capability and an MSI gaming keyboard and mouse, in case you lack it. We cannot guarantee these peripherals, especially, because there is no model number, it just says “gaming mouse“. Lovely and vague, but that’s not the main event anyway, just a nice extra extra (totally not like they’re trying to get rid of it or anything).

The big win here is that you get almost a full entry-level gaming setup for $1,200. All you need then is one of the best gaming monitors (opens in a new tab) to complete your battle station.

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