The most important gaming equipment at CES 2022


CES 2022 technically isn’t a video game show, but there have been plenty of announcements of the big tech event gamers should care about, from new GPUs to fancy new devices that no one needs. (Except maybe you, right?)

While there are still plenty of “concepts” and “projects” and hardware teases to come, there have actually been some major developments unveiled that will hit stores as soon as the supply chain allows.

Nvidia unveils the new top-of-the-range RTX 3090 Ti…

Don’t drop this, it’s expensive.NVIDIA

It wouldn’t be a consumer electronics show without Nvidia showcasing the next sublime GPU you know you can’t afford, and the RTX 3090 Ti fits the bill this year. (And while you can shell out the cash for it, good luck getting your hands on one before the botnets.) Helpfully described by presenter Jeff Fisher as a “monster,” it’s almost certain that the 3090 Ti will be able to handle it. ‘overwrite any bit- or byte-based challenge you present to it. We always I don’t know how much it costs, but given that the RTX 3090 sells for $ 1,499, you should probably expect to part with $ 2,000 or more for the privilege of owning one. We still don’t know when it will be released either.

… As well as the RTX 3050 budget for you farmers there.

It’s not 3090 Ti but we’ll take it.NVIDIA

The majesty of RTX gaming is simply not financially feasible for a lot of PC owners, but the RTX 3050 could help get things going in the right direction. Nvidia has shown a few numbers that highlight how the RTX 3050 eats lunch from current budget offerings like the aging GTX 1650. It’s unclear how effective this card’s ray tracing will be compared to its bigger brethren, but if you need a new GPU at a fairly competitive price, the 3050 will serve you well. However, you might need to strategize Discord to get one. It arrives at the end of January.

AMD presents the new Ryzen 6000 mobile processors …

That’s twice the performance of the 5000.AMD

For those of you who just have to play misfortune 2016 in the subway – to hell with curious onlookers – the AMD Red Team has revealed some trendy new processors coming soon to its gaming laptops. According to the announcement, the Ryzen 6000 chips can deliver double the performance of the chips 5000 from the company, and they also support hardware ray tracing in the form of RDNA 2. You’re not sure you want to put that kind of heat on your laptop. test, but that’s an option. These gaming laptops will roll out in February if you choose.

… And a 1080p compatible GPU cheaper than Nvidia, the RX 6500 XT.

It’s terrible for crypto mining which means it’s great for gamers!NVIDIA

Demand for graphics cards has outpaced supply for several years now, and AMD’s new budget RX 6500 XT GPU will hopefully help alleviate that somewhat. As with Nvidia’s comparable 3050 RTX, it offers significantly better performance than the aging GTX 1650, but it’s still a 1080p-oriented card. (4Kers don’t need to apply.) The 6500 XT will be a bit cheaper than Nvidia’s $ 199 card, but don’t be surprised if manufacturers start selling them a bit more. Look for them at the end of January.

Samsung has unveiled a bank-breaking 4K 240Hz curved gaming monitor …

A thick boy who is easy on the eyes.Samsung

It wouldn’t be CES without a truly impressive (and / or wacky) device, and Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G8 might be worth it. Samsung claims the 32-inch curved monitor is the first 4K 240Hz monitor with a 1ms response time, which would indeed be an average feat. Sadly, the screen will likely cost at least $ 2,000, proving once again that if your friend has a curved screen of any sort, they’re likely a class traitor.

… And a 55-inch vertical screen straight out of science fiction.

Skinny legend.Samsung

While your rich friend can afford the Neo G8, only the true eccentric will want the Odyssey Ark. It’s a 55-inch 16: 9 curved monitor that can be rotated vertically for maximum productivity (and style). Described by Samsung as a “cockpit-style display,” I’m not sure who will shell out the massive amount of money this monitor will cost, but it will certainly impress your colleagues. We also don’t know when it will go on sale.

1st Gen Intel Core chips are making waves

Boom. It is power.Intelligence

As usual, Intel’s new generation of graphics chips are extremely important to the immediate future of PC gaming, and its new 12th generation base architecture (codenamed Alder Lake) applies to both desktop and mobile processors. You’ll likely see these chips in any gaming laptop you buy over the next few months (see top CES 2022 laptops, many with 12th Gen Intel chips), and desktop processors are already here. available in small quantities. Intel also introduced the Core i9 12900KS, which can push a single core at 5.5 GHz, which is crazy fast, scientifically speaking. Considering that most processors have 8 or 16 cores these days, that’s probably not a big jump, but it’s interesting.

And Razer has a gaming chair that will make you to feel the action.

A throne.Razer

Gaming chairs are generally more flash than substance, but Razer’s new Enki Pro Hypersense at least brings some interesting innovations to the table. According to the announcement, it will include haptics from D-Box, the company that creates those “4D” experiences you last had at your local Six Flags. The chair will apparently support over 2,200 “games, movies, and music” with 65,000 possible haptic movements. It’s an interesting idea, but we’ll have to see if you really want to pay a lot of money to feel the big guy hit you with his two-handed maul in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

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