The Internet Supports a Wife Who’s Turning Her Jobless Husband’s Playroom into an Office


A woman who works from home has been told to stand firm after angering her unemployed husband by turning his playroom into an office.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to do our jobs remotely, and research suggests that large numbers of Americans want to continue doing so.

A Gallup survey conducted last September found that 45% of full-time employees in the United States work from home either full-time (25%) or part-time (20%). Another Gallup study last summer found that 91% of 9,000 employees surveyed hoped the option of working remotely would continue post-pandemic.

Although working from home has obvious benefits in terms of saving time and money, it can have a disruptive effect on the household.

An example of this was posted to Reddit on Tuesday by a working-from-home mom. According to the womanhis other half has been unemployed “for months and has no money because he spent it all on play equipment and animals”.

She wrote: “I am the breadwinner at the moment and have recently been given a work from home job. We have 2 children who naturally make a lot of noise so there is no quiet place in the house apart from the bedroom.”

She said her husband refused to let her work in their bedroom, saying it made her “seem unprofessional” and that he didn’t want to be “restricted from that space”.

Luckily, the woman found the perfect solution – or at least thought she did. “I asked if he would let me take his playroom and temporarily turn it into an office, he said no,” she said. She then offered a compromise that they shared the room, but he again refused.

Frustrated by his reaction, the woman decided to take matters into her own hands by moving her play kit to their room. However, this infuriated her husband and he called her “irresponsible and a dictator”.

The woman was impassive. “I told him firmly this is part of the house, this is also my space, but he said ‘No no no!!! Your space is the kitchen,'” she wrote.

So far, she’s stuck to her guns, despite her husband’s “dialogues” and complaints that their bedroom doesn’t have the “atmosphere” of his playroom.

Unsurprisingly, social media readers were united in their support for his actions. Goldilock1454 told the woman: “You are the sole breadwinner and he should be grateful to you. How old is he, around 16? He is extremely immature. He should be looking for work, not playing games. games.”

Another Redditor, posted as latoofarabumba, couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “When you decide to become a parent, you no longer have a playroom, sorry I don’t have time,” they wrote.

Vimse85 agreed, posting, “Honestly I’ve never understood and never will understand why it’s perfectly fine for men to have their ‘personal rooms/areas/spaces’ but no one else in the house. doesn’t have it.”

Hellhoundsden went further, commenting: “As long as he doesn’t have a job, his place is to take care of things around the house. Cooking, cleaning, childcare. As a support family, you need a place to work without being distracted. And a home office for work trumps a playroom.”

GrWr44 took a slightly more sympathetic tone, explaining that the playroom was a ‘symbol’ of her husband’s ‘professional success’ and, given his jobless status, that could be why he was so difficult .

“Your husband needs to take real action to get his career back on track,” they wrote.

However, not everyone was so forgiving. Users like Yessir5455 urged the woman to re-evaluate her marriage. “Spouses are supposed to get you through life, not make life harder,” they said. “Why do you put up with his unreasonable behavior?”

Newsweek contacted the original poster for comment.

Image of a man playing a video game. A woman has been praised by Redditors after turning her husband’s playroom into an office.

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