The HP Omen 30L is a new kind of prebuilt gaming PC


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With component prices so appalling right now, computer makers are starting to view prebuilt PCs as the fastest way to replace an aging system or scratch that itch for a whole new gaming platform. We even recommended buying a pre-built PC instead of DIY as a strategy.

But some DIY builders remain skeptical of pre-built ones, especially those from big companies like Dell and HP, and for good reason. It wasn’t that long ago that pre-made gaming PCs came with proprietary motherboards and power supplies, which made common DIY upgrades difficult. (You couldn’t easily swap out a more powerful graphics card, for example.) Parts of these same pre-built ones often didn’t perform as well as what you could get off the shelf for a DIY build.

But as you will see in the video above, we opened up an HP Omen 30L only to find that times had changed. Not only does the Omen line offer configurations with high-end hardware like Core i9 processors and RTX 3080 graphics cards, but the 25L and 30L models are designed for easy upgrades down the line. Getting into the case of our 30L was a snap, and components like the CPU cooler and power supply are simple to replace. Adding more storage is also a snap.

Close-up of the HP Omen 30L 2021 power supply on the Cooler Master logo Adam Patrick Murray / IDG

Logos of well-known component manufacturers can be easily spotted in this PC, confirming HP’s claims that there is no problem swapping out standard parts.

This is true for both experienced DIY builders and complete PC novices. HP designed the Omen to point newbies in the right direction, without getting in the way of seasoned veterans. Not only can you download a service manual from the company’s website, but key areas of the PC are easily accessible or clearly labeled. Conversely, areas that could get an inexperienced builder in trouble are more out of reach. This approach to training wheels is smart, especially for anyone who needs to provide remote assistance to a friend or family member who is trying to do upgrades on their own for the first time.

However, this thoughtful design isn’t the Omen 30L’s biggest advantage, unlike smaller store builders like iBuyPower and CyberPower PCs, prices haven’t gone up as quickly on high-end gaming PCs from HP. . This advantage held by behemoths like HP and Dell has always been around, but it’s a real godsend in combination with the cooler, more DIY-friendly approach. You can see all the details in our video and see the available configurations (which change based on real-time supply) on the HP online store.

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