The gaming app that wants you to pay to lose


Have you ever wanted to raise the stakes in a one-on-one match of your choice? How about a game where the loser has to pay? A new app for gamers who live in the United States aims to do just that.

1v1MB is a new app where players can bet on their own skills in individual games of Call of Duty Where Fortnite. Founded in New York in 2020 by 26 years old Anthony Geranio and Alex Emmanuel, 1v1Me launched on Monday March 15, after raising more than $ 2 million investors. The game is available by invitation only, with the first invitations going to content creators.

To bet on the game of their choice, players will need to link their banking information and pay an amount. Players will then broadcast their game to Twitch with 1v1Me acting as a sort of score marker depending on the outcome of the game. In an interview with SVG, Anthony Geranio explained that 1v1Me is also able to influence disputed results and prevent cheating. Players can bet between $ 10 and $ 5,000 with 0% fees.

“The company’s mission is to help players make a living in esports for the game more easily. I think it’s personal for me because I couldn’t do it,” said Geranio. “We want to create this place where it doesn’t matter how funny or popular you are, it doesn’t matter how great you look. The point is, if you’re good at the game, you can grow.”

Geranio, 26, had tried professional gaming himself when he was 13 or 14, competing in local LAN tournaments in his home state of New Jersey, but a career in the game didn’t never really took off. Wanting to be his own boss, Geranio decided to get into tech, but quickly realized that he no longer had time to play between work and social life.

Geranio and Emmanuel were in talks to start their own business in 2020, but didn’t know where to start – and then COVID-19 came along. During their forties, Geranio and his friends started wagering money in online poker games and then switched to betting on video game matches in Madden, FIFA, and Call of Duty, in their own private leagues. It was then that he and Emmanuel saw their opportunity.

“I know there are other platforms that do this, but they still charge a fee,” Geranio said. “We’re just trying to simplify it into a trusted platform.”

Geranio said he believes the next wave of content creators will base their programming on betting and people watching others play for real money. So far, the streamers NoisyButters, Lunch time, VonniezuggZ, and RLaw have joined 1v1Me. The app remains fairly exclusive to content creators for now, although there are around 11,000 people on the waiting list to join, Geranio said. Currently, players interested in betting on 1v1Me can only participate by requesting an invite code from one of the content creators using the app.

For now, 1v1Me is sticking to only Call of Duty and Fortnite to keep the app focused, but Geranio “100%” plans to expand into other games in the future.

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