The best play equipment for graduates


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Your proud graduate is no longer in school and is no longer locked in a small dormitory, so he might want to expand his gaming setup. Although it is still quite difficult and a bit expensive to get them a PlayStation 5 , an Xbox Series X / S, or even a Nintendo Switch, you don’t have to spend hours refreshing retailer websites or spend hundreds to get them a good game. Why not start small and upgrade some of their gaming accessories first? You can upgrade any game collection with choice accessories and titles, whether they prefer PC, console, or even mobile gaming.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2


Since your graduate won’t be writing as many essays (hopefully), you can now get them a gaming-optimized keyboard instead of typing. Corsair has made a lot of our favorites, and the K70 hits that sweet spot in terms of features and price – gamers will have a solid deck to tap on, responsive keys, and handy media buttons at the top to control their music. If you order directly from the Corsair site, there are several key types to choose from, or you can save a few dollars by purchasing the MX Speed ​​model (our preferred type of switch) for $ 140 from Best Buy. And it’s always great for typing papers and resumes.

Buy Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 at Best Buy – $ 140

Logitech G915 TKL

Logitech G917 TKL gaming keyboard shown in two color versions: gray / white and graphite / black.


If your child has come home or to a small apartment, they may want to remove their play accessories from the desk and put them on a sofa or bed. For this, we recommend a compact wireless model like the G915 TKL from Logitech. Sure, it sacrifices a number pad on the right, but it still has a lot of flexibility with a rugged design that can easily sit on a lathe. The included receiver ensures a rock-solid connection, and it stores inside the G915 so it doesn’t get lost. The keyboard also works with Bluetooth, so it’s a platform a young adult can store in their bag for work or play on the go.

Buy Logitech G915 TKL on Amazon – $ 230

Razer DeathAdder V2

The Razer DeathAdder V2 displays above a futuristic but worn industrial surface with the term V2 superimposed on it.


Chances are, graduates will want to spend time catching up on any games they didn’t have time to play in college, and for that, they’ll likely want a gaming mouse capable of handle a wide variety of genres. The latest version of Razer’s DeathAdder Mouse is comfortable for many different hand sizes, the 20,000 dpi sensor can be adjusted on the fly, and the buttons they’ll need for most games are there, all for one. reasonable price of $ 70. Razer also sells a wireless Pro version, as well as a mini version for people with smaller palms.

Buy DeathAdder V2 on Amazon – $ 70

Logitech G305

The Logitech G305 displayed in four colors.


The G305 is a solidly built mouse that comes in four different and very stylish colors so that it can be incorporated into a variety of stylish gaming setups. But this wireless accessory isn’t just about looks, thanks to its 12,000 dpi and 1 ms report rate. The receiver stores inside the mouse for easy transport, and it uses a single AA battery that can last up to nine months before needing to be replaced. Pair it with other Lightspeed accessories from Logitech like the G733 headset and G915 keyboard for a truly color-coordinated gaming platform.

Buy Logitech C305 at B&H Photo – $ 40

Logitech G733

The Logitech G733 gaming headset appears in four different color combinations.


Buy this stylish headset for its vivid plastic colors and vivid lighting, but stick with a headset that’s easy to use and super comfortable during long gaming sessions. It adapts well to larger heads while staying snug on smaller ones. nods thanks to the elastic headband, which can be swapped out with different models available on the Logitech website for $ 10 each. The company also sells pop filters for the mic in a variety of fun forms. This is truly one of the most gorgeous headsets you can buy right now, and it coordinates well with the other products in the Logitech line.

Buy Logitech G733 on Amazon – $ 130

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless gaming headset placed on a table bathed in bluish light from a control screen.

Steel Series

You don’t have to be an avid PC gamer or even a PlayStation or Xbox fan to enjoy premium sound. Thanks to its included USB-C dongle, the Arctis 1 Wireless can work with Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, as well as with any modern Android phone. And yes, you can also plug it into a PlayStation 4 or 5, as well as any laptop that has a USB-C port. (An Xbox dongle is sold separately.) These are a pretty versatile headset for $ 100, with no compromise on audio or mic quality.

Buy SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless on Amazon – $ 97

Logitech StreamCam

The Logitech StreamCam.


In this age of constant video chat and live streaming, we’ve all found ourselves frequently switching between devices and formats – big screen for your Zoom calls, portrait on the phone – with varying video quality. Logitech’s StreamCam is designed for both, easily rotating from one video orientation to the other. This way your graduate can use the same camera for YouTube clips as they do for Facebook and Instagram Live, saving time and money for their budding influencer career.

Buy Logitech Streamcam on Amazon – $ 170

Blue Yeti Nano

A Blue Yeti Nano microphone sitting outside next to a laptop.

Blue pickups

Headset mics have gotten better over the years, making them more than acceptable for video chatting and the occasional appearance of podcasts. But if your kid wants to get more serious about creating content, it’s best to invest in a micro USB for crystal-clear sound. We would recommend the full-size or Pro Yeti models for professional and full-time streaming, but for those new to or doing it as a ‘hobby’ side, the Nano is an affordable way to dip a toe in the water.

Buy Yeti Nano on Amazon – $ 100

Logitech G333

A gamer seated at a computer wears Logitech G333 headphones.


Just because you’re on the go, doesn’t mean you have to give up great gaming sound. Many companies have started to make headphones specially for mobile games, with beautiful elegant appearance and crystal clear sound. The Logitech G333 is particularly attractive thanks to its low price and attractive color options. Of course, it’s not wireless, but when your giveaway plays an intense part of Fortnite, they will appreciate a sound that does not interrupt.

Buy Logitech G333 from Best Buy – $ 50

Otterbox Mobile Gaming Cases

The front and back of a phone housed in one of Otterbox's mobile gaming cases.


Young adults spend a lot of money on a good phone to play games and take photos, so why not protect their investment with a sturdy case? But not just any case – these rugged black Otterbox models are antimicrobial and textured for better grip, perfect for treating your oily, sweaty hands. They have cases for a number of iPhone models as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S21 +, so their premium flagship handset can stay fresh like the day they bought it.

Buy mobile game cases from Otterbox – $ 55

8BitDo Pro 2

Two hands hold an 8BitDo Pro 2 game controller on a laptop keyboard, while a video game is displayed on the screen.


Sometimes standard controllers aren’t enough, but finding good replacement controllers can get expensive, unless you invest in an 8BitDo model. Not only does the new Pro 2 hit a sweet spot at under $ 50, it can also work with a variety of platforms including Switch, Android, Windows, and macOS. It is also highly customizable, allowing the user to map buttons as they see fit and adjust the sensitivity of joysticks and triggers. And, with a variety of color schemes, you can choose the one that will go best with their gaming setup.

Buy 8Bitdo Pro 2 on Amazon – $ 50

Video games

An animated gif showing a series of four game images on a television screen.

Tetris effect

With the school behind them, graduates will want to take the time to relax, and what could be better than with this trippy installment of the famous puzzle game? Colors, music and animation in Tetris effect will take them to a transcendent place, while the increasing speed of levels and new features like “Zone” mode will keep things exciting. Your giveaway can also try it out on PlayStation VR if it wants to be completely immersed, while even Xbox users can join the Tetris effect fun thanks to Connectedthe new cooperative and competitive modes of.

Buy Tetris Effect on Amazon – $ 30

Valley of stars

Just when your graduate gets tired of all the hustle and bustle of keeping up with the latest Animal crossing events, why not bring them into a game that only advances when they open it? Valley of stars has plenty to do – farming, mining, ranching and even hanging out with (and marrying) your fellow villagers. But time only passes Valley of stars when they actually play, he will therefore wait patiently for them even if their post-graduate life becomes very busy.

Buy Stardew Valley on Amazon – $ 15

Overcooked! All you can eat

If your child remembers group projects at school or at work, you can quickly bring them back to earth with this cooperative cooking game that requires two to four players to work together in a kitchen to prepare meals. It’s frantic and there will be a lot of screaming… which could actually be good preparation for any future job they might be considering.

Buy overcooked! All You Can Eat On Amazon – $ 40

Just Dance 2021

With the school behind them, it’s easy for some graduates to become lumps on the couch, so why not encourage them to be a little more active with Just Dance 2021 for Switch, Xbox or PlayStation. Each new edition always contains the latest hit songs as well as some great classics, and adults are sure to sweat while playing. If they’re tired of the built-in song list, they can also subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited, which provides access to almost the entire catalog of Just Dance songs over its 12-year history.

Buy Just Dance 2021 on Amazon – $ 50

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