The best game room accessories


The right atmosphere is just as important to your gaming experience as the game itself. Harmony between your furniture, space, and aesthetic is key to ensuring there are no distractions for a quality gaming session.

Here are the best game room accessories to really tie your whole gaming vibe together.

Cololight hexagonal lights

Image via Cololight
Having a room with an appropriate and customizable RGB aesthetic is important for streamers and casual gamers. This is why the Hexagon LED luminaires from Cololight are a valuable element for those trying to create an atmosphere in which it is worth relaxing.

These LEDs have adjustable patterns and patterns that can be attached to the wall to create a unique room according to your own needs. It won a CES Innovation award in 2019 and features AI technology to automatically change color based on the rhythm and mood of sound playing in a room.

Razer Iskur X Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The best playroom accessories
Image via Razer
For those who need a proper gaming chair, but don’t want to be stuck with something that looks like random paint on it, the Razer Iskur X is a sleek option that offers excellent lumbar support and a gaming aesthetic without any of the unprofessional design choices often seen in the market today.

The Iskur offers owners black color schemes with green upholstered leatherette trim. Dimensions are specified as 50.24 inches deep, 27.97 inches wide, and 25.03 inches high when laid on its back. These specs make it a generally serviceable chair that will suit anyone who isn’t overly tall or tall. Featuring high-density foam cushions for added comfort, this chair is a valuable piece of furniture for those looking for comfort at a reasonable price and professional design.

BlissLights Sky Lite

The best playroom accessories
Image via BlissLights
Another great option for creating a quality play space is the BlissLights Sky Lite. BlissLights is a company known for creating well-designed home lighting systems for both indoor and outdoor needs, and their Sky Light is no exception to this rule.

Built with a green laser and an automatic six-hour timer for hands-free use, this light acts as a small source of beautiful effects that can transform a room into a nighttime lounging zone, a stress-free play cave, or just about anything. simply act as an accent for those who like something beautiful to look at while staying in the evening.

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

The best playroom accessories
Picture via HUANUO
Dual monitor setups are becoming the norm in the PC gaming industry. Gaming while browsing Youtube or other social media platforms for information or to pass the time while queuing is basically a gaming hobby at this point. Luckily, Huanuo’s Dual Monitor Stand makes this habit much easier and space-saving than a normal dual-monitor setup on a desk.

This dual-pivot stand offers full 360-degree adjustability as well as tilt, height, and swivel adjustment to make arranging your monitor space quick and easy. The best part is that each monitor can be mounted on its rolling system to move them away from the desk, leaving more room for peripherals and other common desk items.

HyperX QuadCast

The best playroom accessories
Picture via HyperX
This microphone from HyperX is a great mid-range option for newcomers and veterans wanting to produce high-quality content. It has multiple audio models for different recording environments, a built-in pop filter to cancel out harsh sounds, and USB connectivity.

The QuadCast also comes with a built-in shock mount, which can help prevent unnecessary shocks from being transmitted to the mic during gameplay.

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