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Sony, the well-known consumer electronics retailer, has decided to enter the PC gaming hardware market. Given the company’s involvement in the gaming industry, it makes sense that it was time to reach more of its audience. The Playstation 5 shortage is still affecting some gamers and pushing resale prices to $700 or more. The PS5’s original retail price is just $499.99. Since consumers couldn’t get their hands on the new console, some started switching to other consoles or PC games. Now, Sony has created Inzone, a brand focused on PC gaming gear.

This announcement comes after the company announced plans to release other former PlayStation exclusives on the Windows platform. For PC gamers, this is great news as some games are only exclusive to consoles and now Sony is giving them the option to play exclusive games without having to buy a console. Sony isn’t the first electronics retailer to adjust its product line due to the rise of PC gaming and it’s a smart move for retailers in the gaming industry. billion in 2022, according to data from Newzoo, and they’re home to some of the biggest brands in esports and video streaming. “Given the PS5 shortage and soaring game development costs, the PC gaming market is becoming critical for Sony to post a stable profit for investors,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Toyo Securities. PC gamers need a good gaming setup and a computer to run games without having to deal with lagging graphics and glitchy streaming. Inzone will sell monitors and gaming headsets once the store opens.

Sony Inzone H9 headphones
Sony Inzone H9 headphones

Three headsets will be available for purchase, and consumers can choose between a wired or wireless headset. The headsets will range from $99.99 for a wired version and up to $299.99 for wireless with a noise canceling feature. All models have 360 ​​degree spatial sound, are compatible with the PlayStation 5 console and are available for pre-order. Inzone will also offer 27-inch gaming monitors, the Inzone M9 and Inzone M3, for sale.

The M3 has a 240Hz refresh rate while the M9 has a 144Hz refresh rate, but the M9 has 4k resolution unlike the M3. For gamers streaming online, a higher refresh rate is needed to avoid any interruptions while playing online. The M3 is therefore ideal for consumers who play PC games that require a higher refresh rate. For gamers who play games rich in graphics and detail, the M9 is the best choice. The monitors are not currently on sale or pre-order, but anyone interested can sign up to receive notifications on the website of when the monitors will be ready to order.

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