Skill-based game app Quizbee added many users in the last quarter

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Skill-based game app Quizbee added many users in the last quarter

Posted on February 20, 2022

Recorded 150% growth in app downloads. Improved security feature with new enhanced security version installed

New Delhi : The pandemic has seen the online gaming industry go beyond the obvious source of entertainment and become one of the best sources of learning and improving knowledge through fun games, especially among young people .

Seeing this tangible change in the gaming industry, new players in the market are entering with innovative ways and methods to keep the audience glued while improving their knowledge on various topics. Looking at the two emerging Bihari technocrats, Amit Khaitan and Abhinav Anand revolutionized the online gaming space and launched Quizbee, where players can earn money in real time while engaging them in informative sessions during their free time.

Seed Funded by Kanodia Group, Quizbee offers an immersive experience allowing players to play and participate in quizzes and various themed challenges with a chance to win real money. Quizbee provides a competitive mobile platform with multiple paid challenges across thousands of quiz questions and trivia in genres like Movies, Cricket, Travel, Food, General Knowledge, Puzzles, and more. Users also have a chance to win great prizes, worth up to Rs 1 lakh by playing challenges regularly. Quizbee multiplied new users in the last quarter and saw a 150% increase in app downloads

“We are thrilled with the response we are getting on our app, especially over the past quarter. We’ve seen continued growth of over 150% in our app downloads, prompting us to make further improvements to the app. There is no doubt that Quizbee is becoming a fun way for users to gain expert knowledge through our category sections. We see active participation and we are happy to see how users spend their extra time on our knowledge-based games and other themes while winning favorable cash prizes,” said Mr. Amit Khaitan, CEO of ‘Intelligence Game Pvt Ltd.

Recently we made changes to the app to ensure that MTM attacks are disabled. Along with this, we’ve added more server-level security to reduce the threat of DDOS attacks.

“The safety of our users is our priority, so we will continue to work to make the app more secure for them,” he added.

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