Singaporean hotel room with custom RM31000 gaming PC for 14-day quarantine


As the world gradually brings the COVID-19 pandemic under control, countries like Singapore still require visitors and citizens entering the country to undergo a 14-day hotel quarantine. In the case of a returning citizen and gamer, he made sure his quarantine period wouldn’t be so boring by having his bedroom fitted with a fully-equipped gaming PC. Yes really.

Aftershock, the Singaporean PC gaming brand, was contacted by the Singaporean gamer and tasked with outfitting the hotel room in which he would quarantine himself with a powerful desktop gaming PC, complete with all necessary peripherals.

When it comes to the PC, the bespoke platform contains high-end components and on top of that, is fully water-cooled with custom loops and waterblocks. Of course, such a show of power clearly doesn’t come cheap; the set costs SG $ 10,000 (~ RM31,000) which, based on current component prices these days, isn’t too far off for a PC with high-end components.

Overall, the only thing that could have made the gaming experience a bit more comfortable would have been a gaming chair, but given the size of the hotel room, we think it might be a little too far.

(Source: Aftershock via Facebook, IGN SEA)

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