Samsung Company Turns Your Car Into The Best Gaming Room Ever

The screens installed in new cars are getting bigger and bigger, and while they’re supposed to help you with infotainment and navigation capabilities, they can eventually be converted into gaming screens with the right hacks.

But it goes without saying that such a thing isn’t necessarily something everyone can do, let alone an insane number of tweaks and investments in hardware to make it work.

While at first glance it all sounds like a big no-no, playing games inside a car is a common activity whenever we are parked and waiting for someone. And because doing everything on a mobile phone isn’t necessarily the best experience, Samsung-owned company HARMAN has created what’s called the “HARMAN ExP Gaming Intense Max.

Introduced this month at CES, this new concept turns a car’s interior into a multiplayer arena with gaming hardware you wouldn’t even dare to dream of at home.

For example, large screens are installed on the windshield and speakers coming out of the headrests, all with the aim of providing the most immersive gaming experience you’ve ever had.

For gaming enthusiasts, any space can turn into a multiplayer arena, and the car is no exception. HARMAN ExP Gaming Intense Max leverages the scalable computing of HARMAN, 5G TCU and HARMAN Ignite SDP to create a fast and truly immersive gaming experience,“the company announcement.

Additionally, Gaming Intense Max leverages HARMAN audio technologies such as ClearChat to reduce echo and background noise during gaming, while HARMAN’s In-Car Communication (ICC) solution ensures clear, two-way communication in the game. vehicle. Finally, high-fidelity sound, integrated headrest speakers, advanced haptics, and high-resolution OLED and QLED displays create a completely immersive environment. It is not only designed to look like a truly interactive gaming experience, but also to allow gamers to feel like a part of the game itself.

Granted, it all sounds too good to be true, and the concept is something that will likely take some time to hit mass production. Until that happens, we will just have to stick to the smaller screen of the mobile phone.

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