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This keyboard being a wired card, responsiveness is an expectation. The good news is that it is very responsive and shows absolutely no input lag. The secondary issue some gamers are having is that the keyboard can only register a few keystrokes at a time. This keyboard gives you full control over the number of keys pressed and in what order they are pressed with the addition of anti-ghosting.

Control goes deeper than key count though and they made sure to keep that in mind. This is one of the few keyboards I’ve come across where they allow you to disable the Windows interaction keys. Additionally, if you prefer to use the arrow keys over the WASD setup, there is a hotkey for that as well. So not only can you press any number of keys on the board and save it, but you can also control which keys are the main ones you use for games for full customization setups and get rid of keys Windows shortcut keys to limit game interruptions.

Shortcuts can mean the difference between a trick in a game being difficult and a breeze. Using the free Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO software offers many more options for creating hotkeys and RGB customizations. Create macro functions, hotkeys, hotkeys and more with this software to enhance your experience both in and out of the game.

On the manual, they show that there is a way to customize RGB lights with a DIY (do it yourself) setup that doesn’t require the software. What it doesn’t tell you is how to use the DIY configuration they programmed into the keyboard. I tried so many different things to create a unique color base, but no matter what I did, the color turned completely white. Then nothing you press puts the color back on, and going back into the DIY setup does nothing to put it back. Luckily I figured out that you can reset the RGB colors by holding FN and pressing Space twice. If I hadn’t figured that out, I would have just lost all the colors until I used the software because the manual didn’t explain that either. If you plan to include a manual and a DIY option, explain how to use it.

Also, a small issue I have with the RGB flat color option is that you only provide four colors to choose from. Why not offer the base colors instead and let users mix them into other colors? Instead of just giving four options, you can use four colors to create multiple options.

The IOGEAR HVER PRO Gaming Keyboard is a solid addition to any Windows PC gaming gear setup! I like its stability, its sturdiness thanks to the material and its reliability to use on all aspects of the computer. The RGB presets offer just about every option you could want, but the customization options are a bit tricky to figure out. Otherwise, it’s the perfect keyboard for gamers ranging from casuals to speedrunners to finalists, given that you don’t mind it being a hardwired board.

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