PS5 First Look: Spice Up Your Game Room November 12


The first look at the PS5 is huge. It’s never been a mystery, but I’ve always been shocked at how massive the console looks in person.

We were finally able to try out the hardware for ourselves a few weeks before the next-gen console launched on November 12. And while I can’t say much about the PS5 experience yet, I can tell you what the real console and new controller looks and sounds like. Stay tuned for updates on this.

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The PS5 looks and sounds quite huge, measuring 15.4 inches tall and 10.24 inches wide. It’s not as tall as the typical PC tower, to put it in perspective, but it’s on the ground. Placing it vertically next to a 55-inch TV takes some of its height away from it, but every time I watch it I’m always surprised.

A brand new controller, the DualSense, also ships with the PS5, which upgrades the classic DualShock setup that Sony has been using for half the life of the original PlayStation.

The texture is simply made up of incredibly limited copies of the original PlayStation controller icons with a nice touch. Meanwhile, a cutout PlayStation logo has replaced the circular home button.

The PS5 looks modern without ever turning it on. The construction of the PS5 shell is a bit heavy, but it feels like high-end hardware. Likewise, the current DualSense has the same space-age aesthetic as the console, but feels very easy to maintain for an extended period of time.

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