Otterbox now manufactures mobile gaming hardware


Otterbox, one of the biggest names in phone and tablet cases, has partnered with Microsoft to create a new line of clips, cases and grips aimed at getting the most out of mobile gaming services like Xbox Game Streaming and Apple Arcade.

Otterbox makes rugged cases for mobile devices since mobile phones and tablets need protection. Now it is extending that protection to Xbox One and X / S controllers. While the focus is mostly on mobile games, you don’t have to stream Xbox games to your phone to enjoy the US $ 40 ($ 52) Easy Grip Controller Shell. This is a hard plastic frame that snaps onto your Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S controller, leaving room for access to the ports and battery bay. The grooves on the handle are meant to allow air to circulate, which is supposed to act as a kind of air conditioning, reducing the generation of sweat. The case comes with two sets of handles, one with three grooves on each side and another with eight.

Photo: Otterbox

I’ve been playing with the “Dreamscape” colorway in the photo for a few days, and while I can’t tell if my hands are cooler or not, my controller certainly feels more protected. I would only have liked to have it in black “Dark Web” or purple “Galactic Dream”.

Photo: Otterbox Photo: Otterbox

On the mobile gaming side, there’s the new US $ 30 ($ 39) Mobile Game Clip, which is a device that clips onto your controller to hold your phone. These things have been around for years now. The Otterbox version easily attaches to the controller without interfering with important buttons or ports. On the back of the clip, there is a single quick lever that locks and unlocks the hinges, making changing the angle of the phone quickly and easily. It’s definitely one of the best clips I’ve tried.

Photo: Otterbox Photo: Otterbox

When not in use, your Xbox controller and clip can fit snugly into the $ 45 ($ 58) gaming carrying case. This is a black clamshell zipper case with enough room for a controller, the game clip, extra batteries, cables or whatever the mobile gamer might need to play on mobile. It’s damn chic. There’s even a grommet for charging cables, and there’s a little fold-out stand on the top that will hold a phone in place.

Photo: Otterbox Photo: Otterbox

The company also offers a $ 55 ($ 71) Easy Grip gaming case, which has grooves on the inside to keep an iPhone and possibly Android devices from overheating during gaming sessions, which it does. Most impressive of the lot is the $ 50 ($ 65) Gaming Glass Privacy Guard, a horizontally oriented privacy screen that prevents prying eyes from seeing your phone screen.

Photo: Otterbox Photo: Otterbox

All of this gaming gear will be available for pre-order on the Otterbox gaming website on January 25, with shipping starting in mid-February.

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