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HONG KONG, Oct 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Govee, a global leader in RGBIC lighting, announces the availability of the Govee Glide RGBIC wall light, which has been listed as Amazon’s Choice with an average rating of 4, 7. With 6 modular segments, you can create different shapes to add extra ambiance to your walls. Diffused RGBIC lighting allows multiple color combinations at the same time. The Govee Glide RGBIC wall light is a dynamic addition to our growing collection of TV and game lighting.


The Govee Glide wall light features RGBIC technology and smart home integration.

Build your design with 6 modular segments
The Govee Glide RGBIC wall light is composed of 6 modular segments and a corner piece to be fixed on a smooth, non-textured surface, free from dirt and debris. Users can easily click segments together to create their design. Users can let their creativity run wild and create a variety of shapes. Create an “L” shape to wrap around a television or computer screen. The corner piece can be used to create a “V” shape as a decorative centerpiece on top of a user’s setup. Installation is simple using the user manual and video instructions.

Learn the RGBIC difference
RGBIC (Red Green Blue Independent Control) is an innovative lighting technology found in most Govee products, including the Govee Glide RGBIC wall light. Smart IC chip allows users to adjust colors, brightness and effects. There are over 16 million color combinations for a diffused neon-like glow in any room in the house.

Intelligent voice control: your new personal lighting assistant
The Govee Glide RGBIC wall light is compatible with popular voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Ask Alexa to change your scene mode to “Valentine’s Day” or “Party”. Tell Google Assistant to change your music mode to “Rhythm”. Users can enjoy Wi-Fi enabled hands-free control with their lights.

Get into the groove with music mode
The Govee Glide RGBIC wall light offers the ultimate concert experience without ever leaving home. With the Govee Home app, users can choose from over 6 unique music modes that will sync with a user’s favorite tracks. Make TikTok parties or dance challenges more exciting and colorful.

Govee Home app: one-click convenience
Use the Govee Home app (available for iOS or Android) to get the most out of its features. There are over 40 preset scene modes designed to suit any atmosphere, whether it’s for a private party with friends or for streaming popular video games on platforms like TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, etc. . Users can also use DIY mode to customize the colors of the lights.

Availability and pricing information
The Govee Glide RGBIC wall light costs $ 99.99 and comes with a one year warranty as well as free shipping. It is currently available in the US, Europe, Canada and UK through the official Govee online store ( or on the Govee Amazon page.


Shape your lighting with the Glide wall sconce.

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