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According adtech Bango research31% of game developers believe their business will cease to exist when new advertising regulations and privacy changes come into effect.

This follows a survey of over 300 app developers and marketers in the US and UK which identified changes to Apple’s IDFA, Google’s release of third-party cookies and increasing government regulations as growing concerns, with 64% of respondents saying it has “never been harder” to acquire new paying users.

Struggling to reach new paying users

The difficulty of attracting more gamers to mobile games has long been recognised, and although 61% of developers surveyed said winning new paying users was the most important aspect of their job, no less than 73% said find it difficult to target and reach them.

However, games were not the category of apps that respondents felt were most affected: educational apps would be the hardest hit, with 71% of respondents feeling the effects of these changes, followed closely by entertainment apps (69%). and productivity apps (67%).

Around 63% of respondents are explicitly looking for new, more privacy-friendly targeting techniques.

Survive app-ocalypse

“It’s no surprise that the changing privacy landscape is impacting app developers and brands, but it’s remarkable to discover how companies are facing an existential threat. Many developers have built their entire user acquisition strategies around invasive data collection, which cannot survive this ‘App-ocalypse’,” said Brett Orlanski, SVP Bango Audiences.

“As an industry, app developers need new forms of user acquisition that support personal privacy choices.”

Bango proposes the adoption of “Purchase Behavioral Targeting” to enable app marketers to promote their apps based on user purchases, without the need for cookies or IDFA tracking, and, as noted in an article sponsored, 61% of respondents are considering this method. be an effective user acquisition technique.

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