Nanoleaf turns any playroom or office into a customizable mood expression


It’s pretty amazing how some slow flashing lights can calm you down or keep your mood up while you work or play.

If you’re someone who frequents Twitch streams, you’ve probably seen Nanoleaf products before, even if you don’t know it. It’s the cool looking light panels that adorn the walls of the streamers behind them, changing colors and patterns on a whim.

Nanoleaf isn’t just for broadcasters, however. After using them for about a week, the light panels help maintain different moods and vibrations for a number of different scenarios in a gaming setup, an office, or even your bedroom.

Setting up Nanoleaf can seem daunting at first, which is not helped by the instructions provided. Fortunately, there are plenty of videos available to help you with the process, which is easier than it looks.

Using shapes such as hexagons and triangles, you can combine the panels into different patterns to create quirky shapes, spell out a name, recreate a logo, and more. The only thing standing in the way is your own creativity, but Nanoleaf provides you with some great ideas as well.

You need to plan ahead for the layout of your panels, as the best way to install them on a wall is to snap the pieces together after the base pieces are already glued to the wall. Once you’ve placed a few panels, it’s a snap.

There is no shortage of different combinations of colors, patterns and speeds on the Nanoleaf app. You can even create your own. It’s an endless world of colors and moods that you choose with a few quick taps or button presses.

Whatever your mood or whatever setting, Nanoleaf has it. You can set up a dull purple scheme for when it’s time to relax before bed or a vibrant, vibrant scheme for when you blast some music. You can even vibrate the Nanoleaf lights to whatever rhythm you choose.

There’s no getting around the price of Nanoleaf, which will scare many. Starter kits start at $ 199 and expansions like mini triangles will set you back $ 120. But for those looking to really light up their man cave or playroom, it may be worth it.

After a few days of trying out different patterns and designs, I found perfect patterns on the app when working (“Sleepy Waves”), playing or even relaxing in bed (“ZzQuil”) with patterns uploaded to the app by other Nanoleaf owners. This is where you will find yourself experimenting and having fun finding your own personal vibe.

There really is something for everyone, and every situation, with a Nanoleaf setup on your wall. And that’s where it really shines.

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