Microsoft makes it easy to reinstall Windows 11 on a gaming PC


Learning how to install Windows 11 on your gaming PC is a lot easier than it was back when Microsoft’s operating system was intrinsically tied to your computer’s hardware, but it’s still difficult to remember every program you need to redownload. In an effort to streamline the process, the Microsoft Store is getting a one-click way to restore apps.

Previously handled by third-party programs, the built-in functionality will allow you to build a library of your favorite apps and install them all at once without having to track them down one by one. You’ll also be able to choose which ones make the jump to the new operating system by selecting apps individually, just in case there are a few you want to throw to the curb.

Speaking of someone who needs to reinstall Windows 11 more regularly than most, works remotely, and occasionally visits an office full of uncustomized PCs, this seems like a huge time saver – if I used the Microsoft Store more , that’s to say.

It may seem surprising that it took Microsoft so long to implement something so useful, but the reason probably lies in the underutilization of the Microsoft Store. Currently, its list of apps is a bit thin and hasn’t grown enough in the last couple of years to make the hub a viable platform. It also needs to shed its bad reputation, as performance issues in its early days on Windows 10 still make people hesitant to use the Microsoft Store in any meaningful way.

For those interested, the new feature will soon be tested in the Windows Insider channel. There is currently no indication of when it will come to the live version of the operating system.

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