Maingear builds fans using gaming PC cases


Many tech and automotive companies have stepped up to make fans during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that now includes gaming PC builders. Maingear has developed a fan, the LIV, that uses an older version of its PC case F131 as chassis. Based on a platform already used in Italy and Switzerland, it is designed to be easy to use with automatic operation, presets and a touch screen interface. Healthcare workers can start delivering oxygen in as little as 1.5 seconds.

Off-the-shelf components help reduce costs. Maingear claims the LIV can be produced at a quarter of the price of conventional ventilators. That still makes it relatively expensive (a ventilator typically costs tens of thousands of dollars), but the savings could make all the difference for hospitals that are already struggling to cope with high patient loads.

Like Kotaku notes, the LIV is not yet ready for use. It has yet to receive FDA approval for use in the United States. However, Maingear is already in talks with state and city officials to roll out the ventilator across the United States and hopes to make it available internationally. Whether or not Maingear can deploy the LIV in time is another matter. It may come too late if the pandemic peaks soon enough.

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