Logitech’s new gaming gear doesn’t just rely on certain RGB LEDs to bring some color to your PC setup


Logitech just announced the new G733 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset, a fiery, unconventional looking headset that “celebrates self-expression” (read: has a few color options) with a full spectrum of RGB LEDs for gaming. with. Because of course it does.

The headset will sport an ultra-light 9.8oz frame with choices of blue, lilac, white or black, with mic covers and interchangeable straps, so you can mix and match your look.

“As gaming becomes a more important part of pop culture, personal expression and style have become an important part of a player’s identity,” says Ujesh Desai, CEO of Logitech G. “In this mind, we decided to design a collection of high performance gaming equipment in a fun and colorful way.

Basically it reads like Logitech G wants to appear on streams wrapped around a Twitch celebrity, and hope viewers want to personally express their style … by copying the entire setup of a particular streamer. Yes, individuality.

Because yes, you will also be able to group the peripherals into headphone, keyboard, mouse sets to match. Logitech’s new Color collection includes the G203 and G305 gaming mice and G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard. At least that means we’re getting gaming peripherals that don’t just come in black.

Logitech was not part of our best wireless headset guide, but maybe it can break through the leaderboards with its new Angular design. However, he has his work cut out for him, as SteelSeries has the list locked down right now.

As is an absolute necessity with peripherals these days, you’ll have the ability to customize the headset’s lightsync RGB LEDs, using familiar Logitech software. G HUB software, to create a light show fit for a queen.

We recently checked out the premium G Pro X wireless headphones, with the same PRO-G drivers, and it’s a nice set of cabled-less cans, but nothing fancy. DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound won’t make the world’s richest audio experience either, but at least the fancy Blue VO! CE mic sounds great and is fully detachable, so you can’t accidentally break it.

With up to 29 hours of battery life (i.e. without your RGB light show on), a range of 20m, and USB compatibility with your PS4, this is definitely something to watch out for. Personally, I can’t wait to be dressed in this chic retro-futuristic outfit. Can you imagine how cool we’re going to look with our matching lilac play sets?

The G733 Lightspeed headset itself is expected to retail for $ 130 (£ 130) with a two-year warranty. That’s a hefty price tag to add a fabulous personal touch to your battle station, especially against some of the more affordable wireless headsets around. Whether you are okay with it probably depends on how much a little personal expression and style is worth to you.

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