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With the growth of Lindenwood E-Sports and the game design program, the university is rebuilding the new games room.

The room’s previous location was on the third floor of the LARC. From now on, he will reside in the basement of the Spellmann Center right next to Lindenwood radio station. Now, the E-Sports club and game design program will have a new space to train and spend time playing games in a new atmosphere.

“It’s really exciting to see them build this brand new space in Spellmann especially for the team,” said assistant game design professor Jeremiah Ratican. “And I know the team members are pretty excited because it really helps put that official stamp out there.”

The old games room was a reliable space for the E-sports game club. Lindenwood University wanted to show recognition of the E-sports program by reconstructing a new facility.

“We knew esports was kind of a field that was developing not only at the college level but also at the high school level,” said athletic director Tom Wagner. “Last year we did little things that put our toes in the water a little bit and took him away from it.”

Due to COVID last year, the team was unable to get together to train. Many of them meeting remained virtual.

“A lot of the students had to play at home, and not all of them had top-notch gaming equipment,” Ratican said.

In the new playroom, the lights and carpet have already been laid. The room remains an empty space because they haven’t put the equipment in it yet.

“Last week was still in the middle of construction,” said Professor Ratican. “I guess they worked the whole weekend, because it’s very close to being done.”

The games that will be played are League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six.

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