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If you have any gaming setup you are probably foaming in your mouth when the night comes and you can flip the switch and turn on all the RGB power. The backlit TV that floats thanks to a light strip on the back, the PC case that buzzes all night long thanks to those fancy RGB lights and not to mention the room lighting which is now the key to a home setup. elegant game. The trend has spawned a new kind of modular lighting options. I’m sure you’ve seen and heard of the Phillips Nanoleaf line. They are excellent but cost a small fortune and unfortunately in South Africa no distributor sells them. If you are brave enough to import them, they cost an insane amount of money. So what about a LifeSmart product available in South Africa called Cololights?

Watch these lights in action below

The Cololights range aims to provide an excellent lighting solution with endless possibilities. After testing it for over a week, I just want to buy more and more. So what is it? Well, a ColoLight is a modular white hexagon that can clip into other lights of its kind. Starter packs are available in sets of 3 and 6 lights. Once you own a starter pack, you can purchase them individually and expand your lighting solution over time. The more Lifesmart ColoLights you have, the better and brighter your setup will be. Each hex box is super bright and can change to different colors. 16 million different to be precise.

As for pricing, the LifeSmart ColoLight range starts at R699 for the 3-pack and R 1,299 for the 6-pack. Each light costs R199 when purchased individually. In a box of 3 or 6 packs, you will get the ColoLights, a control unit, a fancy base, connectors and fixers. That’s all you need to start your Lifesmart ColoLight obsession. Keep in mind that you will need a USB power source to power the controller. You might also want to get a USB extension cord as the wire is short and often impossible to use.


Each ColoLight is white with a set of LED lights below the matte surface. On the back there is a hole which can be used to hang the lights on a hook and also serves as a locking device for the control unit. This means that the base light that powers the rest must be plugged in with the connection. I could also secure the connector in the base lamp with a utility knife to lock it in place. The support is also pretty cool. The 3-pack comes with a plastic, but the 6-pack comes with a premium granite cylindrical base. It is heavy and can hold the lights. The USB cable goes through the base and the main light from the light connector slides into the base to secure it.

However, you do not have to use the base. You could easily just place the lights on your counter or hang them up. I started by using the base, but then took it off and found some other creative ways to show off the lights. This is the best part about this product, there are so many ways to use it that the more you have, the better the experience.

The joy of the Lifesmart ColoLights range is the ease of getting started. Connecting each light is simple, moving them around is even easier, and once I got the hang of the layout I was able to tweak and adjust them to my style. The clips are easy to plug in and the fixers help secure the lights together. It’s like LEGO with 16 million RGB colors to play with. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t changed the arrangement of the lights. Every moment that I had, I tweaked things and moved things. They are fun toys.

Put things in place

So once the layout was done, it was time to turn everything on and see how it went. The lights rely on a USB power source. It could be an old cell phone charger or even a laptop USB stick. I even plugged it into my Xbox One X, Switch, and PS4 to test. All of these devices were working and providing enough power to turn on the Lifesmart ColoLights. By default, the lights have a range of settings that can be changed using the touch button on the back of the controller or on the front of the USB. There’s a cool underwater blue, a sound activated mode, rainbows, and a sunset. These are also the default layout settings for the app.

ColoLights Lifesmart

Speaking of the app, this is the heart of the experience. This is how you connect, modify and personalize your lights. First, I had to pair the lights with my wifi. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. It took eight or nine tries before the lights paired successfully and I was able to access the internal app to change the settings. Once the app is available, there is a range of cool things I could do. Swiping up and down changed the default presets from “rainbow” to “circus” and a few others. These are the default LifeSmart color presets.

The real magic begins when you start creating your own personalized creations. The app has an insane amount of possibilities to choose from. This includes how the LED array turns on and off, when it is, what colors are displayed, and the pattern in which it all follows. Presets help choose a type of style like breathing, blinking, shadow, etc. Then there is the LED control which changes the way the lights react over time. Finally, there is speed.

There is a lot of fun to be had here. I was able to set up a few presets. I made a red one for when I was playing Nintendo Switch, one blue for PlayStation, and one green for Xbox. I also played with a calming transition. This quiet preset helped me at night when I was in bed and I started to relax. It is amazing how soothing some options are.

Everything is powered by the app. Increase the brightness, turn it off and even activate a timer to automatically turn off the lights after a certain time. Basically, there isn’t much you can do without the app, but browse through some of the basic presets. One of them is the “sound activated” mode which is new to the “pro” models. It sucks. Here, we do not beat around the bush. Sound feedback is just poor enough and requires loud sounds to flash the lights. There is also no pattern, it randomly lights up different blocks. I just didn’t find any joy there. I placed the lights right next to my speaker and it was still dull and worked strangely.

The app also lets you choose from some cool pre-designed layouts if you have enough light. There is a Spider-Man, an hourglass, and others. There is also a video tutorial on each to show you how to do the layout, but it never played.

The app is a headache

It seems like this is a trend here with the LifeSmart ColoLights app, it’s terrible. I had several problems adjusting the lights at the start. No matter what I tried, they kept failing during the “connect” phase of the pairing process. Once set up I had constant problems with the wifi disconnecting and had to start the pairing process all over again. It also doesn’t help that the lights don’t support 5GHz wifi bands, so connection and setup has always had issues and restrictions. Often times, the app wouldn’t save my preset correctly, so every time I turned the light on, my slow, smooth transition effect was a crazy, flickering epileptic attack waiting to happen.

The constant disconnection issues also came at the worst time. At night I opened the app to turn on the lights and guess what? He logged out. I then had to sit for five minutes and pair the lights again. This failed a few times and I just gave up and left them on the default blue swirl. Often the lights would go online and as soon as I was done with the setup they would go offline again. At first I thought it was my wifi but even with the lights right next to the modem I had the same problem. The product needs polishing. Even the timer is not working properly. I set the lights to come on at 7:30 p.m., and that never happened.

Problems aside, the Lifesmart ColoLights line is excellent. They make an exciting and bright edition for any room, whether it’s games, your living room, your bathroom, or even your kitchen. Of course, a game room benefits the most here as it fits perfectly into a giant TV and gaming hardware. If they could just fix the wifi issues and focus on improving the app, the range might be the best lighting solution for all South African gamers.

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