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Originally dedicated to the Redbird Esports team, Illinois State University’s computer game room, called The Vault, is now open to all students.

Located on the second floor of the Student Fitness Center, The Vault contains various equipment.

The equipment includes 25 high-performance gaming personal computers (PCs), Alienware gaming monitors, Vertagear custom ISU gaming chairs, SteelSeries Tenkeyless keyboards, SteelSeries ambidextrous mice and SteelSeries Arctic Pro headsets.

The high quality equipment available in The Vault is one of the main factors that attracts students to visit.

“The equipment is fantastic,” said graduate student Sarah Love. “You can get a high-quality gaming experience with a good connection and high-end equipment. “

Additionally, computers have a variety of free and popular paid games installed. Students are also encouraged to bring their own controllers and games.

The vault serves as a training and competition space for Redbird Esports teams, but it is also used for other purposes.

General Manager of Campus Recreation and Student Fitness Center Dawn Sanner Pote explained that The Vault is open to all students during certain hours.

“We have a lot of things going on [in The Vault]. There are varsity esports trainings and classes for the creative technology and the game design sequence, ”said Pote.

“We have open evening hours of play, and we have Redbird Gaming Club practices that take place between [The Vault] and the Digital Innovation, Graphics and Gaming Studio at Julian Hall. “

The open playing hours are from 4.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Thursday and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday.

“This semester is the first time we’ve had open play hours, and it’s been pretty busy most days, especially Mondays and Wednesdays,” said Jack Blahnik, Esports graduate assistant.

Open play hours are a popular activity on campus. Safe deposit box activities and games opening hours may be extended in the future.

“We’ve been open for a few weeks, and we’re looking at usage patterns and other things that are happening to see if we can extend the hours of operation or if it’s possible to have play tournaments on weekends. -end, but at that point we are striving to serve the group that we have now, ”Pote said.

“The first two nights we were open we had people waiting to get access to a computer. We focus on the needs of the students that we have now, and then we will look to develop when we can. “

To learn more about The Vault, visit ISU’s Leisure on campus site.

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