‘I turned our cupboard under the stairs into the ultimate playroom for my man’


A woman has given her boyfriend ‘the best birthday present ever’ in the form of an ‘amazing’ playroom where their lackluster storage space under the stairs once stood

The woman has created the perfect space for her boyfriend (stock photo)

It’s always a great feeling to receive a thoughtful and personal birthday gift, and it’s even better when the giver has put in the time and effort to craft it for you.

A girlfriend knocked it out of the park this year with a truly fantastic present for her boyfriend’s birthday, turning their once ordinary closet under the stairs into a full-fledged playroom.

Showing a bit of imagination and flair, Chloe Durns outfitted the previously bare space with black walls and red LED lighting, even decorating one wall with three framed Spider-Man artwork.

Equipped with everything her boyfriend Brandon could need before a serious Call of Duty session, the old closet features a desk and gaming chair, with what appears to be a scented candle giving a warm touch.

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Chloe has since shared the dramatic before and after transformation via TikTok, where she has been liked over 14,000 times at the time of writing.

Many were impressed with the thought and effort that went into Chloe’s gift, with one commenter hailing it as ‘the best birthday present ever’.

Another joked that they ‘would never see my boyfriend again if I did this, just open the door and throw some snacks in’, while a third advised: ‘That’s lovely! Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in the door or an air purifier”.

The transformation’s biggest fan was, of course, gift Brandon, who commented “You’re the best” under the stunning home makeover video. In response, beloved Chloe responded with an equally adorable series of heart emojis.

Although some people responded negatively to the gift – wondering why Brandon had been “forced” into a small area when he “should be able to have any room” – Chloe was quick to point out that he had previously specifically asked for this room, and that she had simply surprised him with the new decor.

As Chloe explained, they live in a two-bedroom house with a baby and so having some separate space for Brandon to call his own was actually a perfect fit.

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