How to Upgrade a Gaming PC


At the dawn of this new era, we are witnessing the rise of a new industry – the gaming industry. With its rise, it has also had an impact on the Hollywood industry by attracting many companies unrelated to the game in game and bringing new innovations.

From headphones to computers, laptops, keyboards and mice, everything is designed specifically for gaming. Every game created is an improvement. So, as games grow, they have special requirements and the processes get more complicated. In these times, the idea of ​​buying a brand new gaming PC sounds very appealing but is not user-friendly. Thus, we bring you an alternative that is not only profitable but very effective.

The best way to meet the demands of new games is to upgrade your gaming PC. This will help overcome issues such as game lags, screen tearing, poor graphics, communication difficulties, processing slow and many more.

Upgrading a gaming PC is not restrictive. There are different ways to upgrade your computer, from upgrading RAM to upgrading peripherals. You just need to figure out which is the best method for your PC.

Step 1: Setup

The most important step in upgrading your gaming PC is determining what your PC is and what you need. This can be discovered by checking if you have the mentioned minimum resources for the particular game you want to play. The Performance tab under Windows Task Manager can tell you about your system’s performance.

Under Device Manager, you can locate your system components. Under System Settings you can determine how much RAM you have and by looking at the hardware and motherboard you can determine how much you can increase your RAM or upgrade your graphics card.

Step 2: Upgrade Methods

There are 5 easy and important ways to upgrade your gaming PC:

  1. Upgrading your RAM
  2. Upgrading your PC drive
  3. Upgrading Your Gaming PC’s Graphics Card
  4. Upgrading your processor
  5. Device Upgrade

It is important that you first find out what is the most suitable, easiest and most effective way to upgrade your PC.

1. Upgrade your RAM

This is a simple and effective way to upgrade your PC. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. RAM stores textures and maps for games. It stores current memory helps you switch between tabs and apps faster and helps you game smoothly.

If you are experiencing issues like game lags, app switching issues, slow performance, then it might be time to upgrade your RAM.

Upgrading your RAM may mean adding 2 more RAM/memory chips of the same size, thus pushing it to 16GB. It depends on your PC. If you only have 2 chip slots, you will need to replace them with higher GB modules. Like two 8 GB modules.

2. Upgrade your PC player

If you have a traditional hard disk – HDD or your disk is almost full, it leads to screen freezing or slow activity. This indicates that you need to upgrade your Drive.

The best way would be to switch to Solid State Drives – SSDs because they are not only faster but also more efficient and reliable.

You can add an SSD as a secondary drive or you can replace the existing hard drive.

3. Upgrading Your Gaming PC’s Graphics Card

This is perhaps the most efficient and effective technique to upgrade your PC. Graphics are an essential part of gaming. Upgrading your graphics card will not only improve graphics, screen resolution, effects, etc., but also ensure smooth gameplay and prevent issues like tearing of the screen and the lags.

Depending on your computer’s motherboard and power supply requirements, you can easily replace the existing graphics card with better and more capable graphics cards.

4. Upgrade your processor

CPU is the central processing unit, i.e. the processor. Sometimes you may find that some functions of your system are running at 40 or 50% while your CPU is running at 100%. Thus, it is overloaded. In this case, the best way to upgrade your PC would be to upgrade your CPU.

After checking your PC requirements, you can swap out the processors. Remember, be sure to do this using the proper procedure, including using thermal paste. Otherwise, it may damage your processor or the whole system.

5. Upgrading Devices

The easiest way to improve your gaming experience is to upgrade peripherals such as mouse and keyboard.

Apart from bright lights and attractive keys, these special gaming keyboards and mice improve efficiency and somehow overcome some issues that hinder your gaming flow. They help you play faster and easier and are also very attractive.

Choose the peripherals that are right for you by understanding the gaming problems you face, your PC requirements, and the peripheral options available in the market.

Step 3: Upgrade your PC

Methods such as upgrading peripherals or adding RAM modules can be an easy task, but when trying to replace existing RAM modules, graphics cards or drives, special care must be taken. Proper instructions should be followed.

If necessary, consult a technician or an experienced person while exploring the motherboard and intricate parts of your system. This will help prevent any damage and ensure a better installation of the drive or module and lead to a smoother upgrade.

For gamers, buying a new gaming PC every time is not a solution, but updating your gaming PC is also a way to save a lot! moreover, it is not just a want but a need at present. The evolution of systems and technology makes it essential for us to keep our systems updated and upgraded so that we do not face any issues when playing a new game.

The upgrade not only fixes many issues, but gives you a better gaming experience.

The love of the game should not be stopped by the inconveniences of the system, it should be solved by a cost-effective upgrade and making our beloved game a smooth journey…

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