How to Take a Screenshot on iPad


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If you want to know how to take a screenshot on ipad devices, we will tell you the different methods you can use to achieve this: either using the external buttons of the iPad, without buttons (useful if they are faulty), with the Apple Pencil, and how to take a screenshot of screen of an entire page and save it as a PDF. Read on for all the information you need.

How to Take a Screenshot on iPad Using Buttons

Find it power button on your iPad and hold it down.

If you have an iPad with a home button, press it while holding down the Top (Power) button. If you have a 2018 or 2020 iPad Pro or 2020 iPad Air, you won’t have a Home button, so press the Volume Up button instead. You should now hear the sound of a camera shutter and see a flash on your screen.

All screenshots are saved in the Photo appwhere you can edit them if you wish.

How to Take a Screenshot on iPad 2

How to Take a Screenshot on an iPad Without Buttons

If your home button or volume buttons are broken, there’s another way to take a screenshot without having to click them, thanks to the magic of AssistiveTouch. This app gives you an on-screen menu that you can use for various tasks, including taking a screenshot. Just follow the steps below to enable and use AssistiveTouch.

Press on Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch (or, for iPadOS 14 users, Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch).

How to take a screenshot on iPad assistivetouch

Make sure AssistiveTouch is enabled in the menu.

How to take a screenshot on iPad assistivetouch 1

Click on Double tap under Custom actions (or whichever action you prefer), then select Screenshot. Now every time you double-tap the gray AssistiveTouch buttona screenshot will be taken on your iPad and saved to Pictures.

How to take a screenshot on iPad assistivetouch 2

Save Full Page iPad Screenshot as PDF

Most iPad screens are significantly smaller than the pages you view on them, whether they’re web pages, pages in a document, or email. Therefore, if you want to take a screenshot of an entire webpage to save for later, the conventional method won’t work. work. Instead, however, you can take a full scrolling screenshot of an entire page on an iPad, which can be saved as a PDF file.

First, take the screenshot using one of the above methods.

Take the screenshot

Select the screenshot by tapping on previewthen touch whole page at the top, then press Do.

Tap Preview

Finally select Save PDF to Fileschoose a location to save the file, then click to safeguard.

Save to files

How to Take a Screenshot with an Apple Pencil

If you use an Apple Pencil in conjunction with your iPad (it is, after all, one of the best drawing tablets), you can take a screenshot with a simple gesture followed by a click.

Use the Apple Pencil to swipe up from one of the bottom corners of your screen to the center.

The Screenshot Editing Tools menu should now appear – just click on the option to take the screenshot.

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