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Application gallery has launched a number of games such as Dystopia: Hero Contest and Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall, which have found success in the global mobile gaming market. However, with consumers having almost countless games to choose from, capturing their attention isn’t a snap..

To create a truly engaging game that will keep gamers glued to their screens for hours on end, developers now need to be experts on what makes gamers tick, as well as the latest trends in the market. They also need to refine their monetization strategy if they want to price their game or app offerings correctly. It’s a game in itself.

Partnership with Huawei

Fortunately, developers have the opportunity to leverage industry resources and expertise by partnering with Huawei. Huawei is focused on delivering high-quality apps and games to its users, while making sure developers have all the support they need to be successful.

Huawei’s head of global gaming partnerships, Alex Salem, shared his take on resources game developers can leverage to successfully launch mobile games. Resources like AppGallery Connect, overseas expansion know-how, and marketing tools are all available to developers, helping to turn their games into success.

Last year alone, over 700 apps were integrated into AppGallery …

Alex salem

Understanding local markets for a successful global launch

With a potential title developed and ready to make waves, every decision a developer makes during the initial launch phase has an impact on the game’s trajectory for success. It all starts with developers identifying their target markets and understanding them. localized approaches to launching games in each of these markets.

With Huawei’s professional teams and large customer groups in major markets around the world, AppGallery provides developers with an in-depth understanding of global and local industry trends and user behaviors.

This allows Huawei to work with developers to accurately identify challenges and opportunities, adopting effective strategies to enter the markets of their choice, as well as localization strategies tailored to each market’s language and adaptation. cultural appropriate for the content.

Focusing solely on the Chinese market, Huawei provides relevant consulting, localization, integration, marketing and campaigning services to help developers penetrate the complexities of the country. In the last year alone, more than 700 applications were integrated into AppGallery in the Chinese market, thanks to the expertise of Huawei.

Exponential growth thanks to the right marketing support

By working with Huawei, developers can access numerous marketing resources, such as advertising and promotional spaces within the AppGallery and partner apps, opening up games to more channels, thereby increasing their reach to consumers.

This includes the ability to create splash screens with high click-through rates, as well as top banners for extended exposure. Developers will also see their games visible on the feature page, delivered to their target users based on the preferences selected.

AppGallery is a playground for developers who want to market their games. To further propel their launch campaign, developers can work with Huawei to create global and localized promotions that drive user traffic to their apps. This includes support for media and social outreach, with the ability to advertise partnerships to local and global media to generate coverage, thereby increasing awareness.

AppGallery Connect streamlines launch and operations processes to ensure developers are focused on what matters.

Alex salem

Manage growth and engagement through AppGallery Connect

With the right marketing support and the right resources for global expansion, developers should be able to effectively manage user engagement in order to plan for their app’s success as early as possible.

This is where AppGallery Connect comes in. It provides comprehensive support from ideation, development, distribution and operations to data analysis. With over 53 services in the Chinese market and 27 services in overseas markets designed to help developers increase operational efficiency, AppGallery Connect streamlines launch and operations processes to ensure developers are focused on what account.

To help developers understand their game’s performance, the platform also provides data that allows them to analyze game reach, downloads, installs and activations, as well as user profiles and behaviors. This information helps developers better understand their audience pool, allowing them to tailor their marketing strategy accordingly.

Additionally, AppGallery Connect creates a single hub for developers looking to easily manage their community engagement, offering growth capabilities like personalized gift kits and push notifications when the game launches.

Help developers reach the right audience around the world

Huawei values ​​its developers and partners and is focused on working with them to bring the best possible games to consumers. Developers are well supported every step of the way with a wide range of tools, services and support to help them achieve their launch goals.

To learn more about the available solutions, as well as partner success stories, visit Huawei partner page.

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