Here’s a gaming PC with a Ryzen 5 5600X and a GeForce RTX 3070 for $ 1,700


If you’re in the market for a brand new gaming PC, check out the ABS Gladiator for sale at Newegg. It pairs an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor with a hard-to-find Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 for $ 1,699.99. Since the GPU typically costs $ 1,000 or more on eBay, this is a good price for a full gaming PC.

It’s also a reflection of the market we find ourselves in, where GPUs are incredibly rare. The system is currently on sale for $ 300 below its list price of $ 1,999.99. Part for part (including the cost of a Windows license), the reduced price is about $ 200 more than it would take to build the same system with your own hands.

Normally, we’re looking for pre-built deals that undermine the DIY route when it comes to pricing. But those aren’t normal times, and a $ 200 premium isn’t huge – consider that a labor cost, if you will. It also helps that it is a full gaming PC.

The 5600X is a 6-core / 12-thread processor based on AMD’s latest generation Zen 3 architecture, and it’s nestled in an Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi motherboard. It’s nice to see that ABS has gone for a premium chipset, and from this generation to boot (it’s not uncommon for system builders to offload previous generation hardware into pre-built ones, like a motherboard X470).

Other specs include 16GB (2x8GB) of DDR4-3000 RAM, a 1TB NVMe SSD, and a 700W 80 Plus Gold PSU. I would have liked the ABS to use a bit faster RAM (3200-3600), but DDR4-3000 is not really slow and the capacity is great for gaming.

Considering the current demand for GPUs, there is a risk that this will sell out quite quickly. That’s not to say you should make a rash decision, but it’s something to consider if you’re on the fence on this one.

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