“He needs to grow up”


A wife wonders if she shouldn’t have transformed her husband’s video game room in office.

She asked Reddit‘s”Am I the A******? (AITA)advice forum. There are only two quiet rooms in it residencethe video game room and their room. When she was forced to work from home, her husband refused to let her work from the bedroom. So she decided to take over her playroom.

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“My husband has been out of work, for months now and has no money because he spent it all on play equipment and animals,” she said. Explain. “I’m the breadwinner at the moment and recently got a work from home job. We have two kids which naturally make a lot of noise. So there is no quiet place in the house other than the bedroom, but my husband refused to let me work from there and said it made me look unprofessional and he didn’t want to not be limited in this space.

“I asked if he would let me take his game room and turn it into a temporary office, and he said no. I argued with him and ended up moving his gambling stuff into the bedroom. He discovered it and got carried away. I told him he left me no choice, especially after I offered a compromise to share the room, but since he plays at random times, he said no.

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No matter how much she tried to reason with her husband, he refused and made things even worse.

“He kept yelling at me, calling me irresponsible and a dictator,” she added. wrote. “I told her firmly that it was part of the house, which is also my space. But he said, ‘No, no, no!!! Your space is the kitchen.’ This caused me to hit back at him, and he left but said that by the time he came back, everything had to be put back together.

“He came home drunk, so I didn’t want to fight him. He then kept complaining about wanting his room back, even after I tried to convince him to play in the room all he wanted. Yet he doesn’t have it and wants the “atmosphere” of his playroom. AITA for this, or is it unreasonable? »

Editors sided with the woman on this one.

“He needs to grow up. He is not entitled to a game room”, a user wrote.

“I can’t work in your room. Cannot work in his playroom. Hope things get better for you both,” another mentioned.

“He is extremely immature. He should be looking for a job, not playing games,” someone commented.

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