Guide to setting up a professional playroom at home


Do you know the name of Tyler “Ninja” Blavins? Professional player and streamer, his fortune is 15 million, which makes him the richest player in the world. Good luck to turn your passion into a profession! If at all possible, however, the profession should be seriously considered. More hours in front of the screen, to the detriment of high-performance computer equipment and a professional games room. Learn how to configure it!

Guide to successful home game decorating

Challenge – How to find space for a playroom?

Providing a room entirely dedicated to gaming is often doomed to the impossible. Of course, it feels good, but can we afford such luxury in a 20m2 studio? In such a small space, it is very difficult to arrange a small play area or even a mezzanine. On the other hand, if you have space in the basement or a convertible attic, do not hesitate to transform them into a games room. In addition, you can separate the Play Corner from the private area. The main challenge when you are a professional gamer in permanent teleworking! Otherwise, it fits well in the living room or large bedroom gaming corner, but there you have to find a way to guarantee privacy.

Games room to save space

Which gaming chair is comfortable?

The next step is to find the best furniture for your playroom. It must be designed or at least selected according to the specificities of the gamer space. Let’s start with the chair! On the aesthetic side, with the futuristic and geeky factor, there are superb designer armchairs and chairs. Rather than focusing on the big shapes, think about comfort first. Finally, if you play in your primary profession, you will spend many hours playing while seated. To prevent back pain and other muscle disorders, we encourage you to take Ergonomic office chair As seen in Pelvic support, headrest, adjustable armrests, reclining backrest, headrest – all these extra features are heartwarming.

Ergonomic gaming chair for optimal comfort

Ergonomic office neon gaming chair gaming model deco

Which game table for adequate storage?

We also select the gaming desk according to the same operating principle. Particular attention must be paid to its visibility and width. The more consoles, monitors, and computer peripherals, the more space you need. Likewise, the desk should be chosen to support the weight of the gaming equipment. When it comes to materials and design, you are spoiled for choice. However, if you don’t like the idea of ​​spending a huge amount of money, for example, you can wrap the sleeves to make your own DIY desk from wooden pallets. To further optimize space and avoid clutter, consider using managers for your cables. Finally, for a good gaming experience, a router, preferably wireless, is recommended.

Gaming desk – another important aspect of comfort

Gray Room with Gray Desk Chair Screens Anthracite Gray Carpet Gaming Equipment

How do you create a great gaming environment?

The last element to beautify your playroom is the decoration. The atmosphere is particularly conducive to total immersion in the game. Game posters and wall stickers are an easy way to personalize the walls. Another idea to pick from your choice of carpet, curtain, fabric or other decorative element with a gamer print. Install more shelves or a bookcase to display your collection of valuable geek items. Finally, the quality of the play and the sound of the lights is necessary to give this impression of a combination of real and virtual. Using smart lighting allows you to create mood games based on virtual reality. Quality isolating speakers and headphones are essential when it comes to sound.

Set of lights to furnish a home-made gamer desk play corner for professionals

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