GTA RP gamer stunned by the real gift of a gaming PC


During an April Fool’s Day livestream, a GTA RP player receives both a digital gaming PC and an actual gaming PC while streaming to their community.

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A popular Twitch streamer recently joined thousands of others this April Fool’s Day to play some GTA Online RP and he was surprised by two of his friends with a gift that was actually no joke at all. Players are often subjected to cruel April Fool’s Day pranks, but his friends made sure Biotoxz always remembers April Fool’s Day 2021.

Biotoxz recently released its GTA Online RP experiences his character called Bjorn on Twitch when he received a thoughtful gift in the game. To Biotoxz’s pleasant surprise, this gift wasn’t just given to him in GTA Online but it is also sent to it in real life (where it will undoubtedly get more use from it). Understandably, it took a long time to convince his friends that this was real, given that it was on a day designed to cheat people and in a game designed for role-playing.


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The streamer received his new PC virtually in Grand Theft Auto Online while Brit read him all the specs for his new gaming rig. At this point, Biotoxz realized that his two friends weren’t playing a cruel trick on him. When he realized this giveaway wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke, Biotoxz became moved by the communications as his conversation exploded with support. The new computer comes from Cyberpower Intel Gaming and it is apparently a significant step forward for the Twitch streamer.

Brit, Tony and Biotoxz have partnered up on several occasions in the past in GTA Online, but this new gaming PC will surely improve the streamer’s gaming experience. As countless jokes are drawn on unsuspecting gamers during April Fool’s Day and the annual Rogue Vacation is over, it’s still heartwarming to see an exchange of gifts that doesn’t result in disappointment or injury. Tony and Brit wanted to do something special for their friend Biotoxz and it looks like a big upgrade for the streamer.

Biotoxz continued to stream GTA RP through the night after receiving their digital gaming PC, with tons of energy to burn and tasks to complete. This heartwarming story has been released for everyone to enjoy while Biotoxz waits for the physical computer to appear in their home. While that streamer’s character in the game, Bjorn, is already enjoying his new gaming PC according to clips that have been released since receiving his giveaway, Biotoxz will have to wait a few days for shipping.

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