Google kills YouTube gaming app


The YouTube Gaming app no ​​longer exists. Instead, YouTube Gaming is integrated with YouTube itself.


YouTube Gaming is no longer a stand-alone entity. Instead, YouTube Gaming is integrated with YouTube itself, the app and the site disappear. This is designed to bring the entire YouTube gamer community together in one place.

A Brief History of YouTube Gaming

In 2015, YouTube launched YouTube Gaming. It was a stand-alone site derived from YouTube and dedicated to video games and gamers. YouTube Gaming was launched in response to the success of Twitch, which had turned gaming into a spectator sport.

In 2018, YouTube announced that YouTube Gaming was coming home, with plans in place to integrate YouTube Gaming into the main YouTube app. And that’s what’s happening now, with the YouTube Gaming site and app shutting down completely on May 30, 2019.

YouTube Gaming becomes part of YouTube

The YouTube Gaming app has already been removed from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Any subscriptions you had on the YouTube Gaming app should also have moved to YouTube. Otherwise, you should visit your Subscription manager.

The final piece of the puzzle will be in place on May 30, 2019. This is when the YouTube Gaming app and dedicated website will be completely shut down. Which means you will be redirected to the new Gaming destination on YouTube itself.

If you are currently a member of a YouTube Gaming channel, your subscription will be transferred. This is unless the channel or channels you are a member of no longer have subscriptions activated, in which case your subscription will be automatically canceled.

If you’re only using YouTube for gaming content, unfortunately there’s no way to make the Gaming homepage the default on YouTube or in the app. Instead, you will need to add a bookmark in the web browser of your choice.

YouTube understands the appeal of gambling

The shutdown of YouTube Gaming should not be seen as a failure on YouTube’s part. On the contrary, it shows how important gaming-related content is to YouTube. That’s why the company doesn’t want the YouTube Gaming community to split into two apps.

While it is difficult for older generations to understand the allure of watching other people play video games, this hobby is here to stay. In fact, live streaming is one of the best ways to make money playing video games, so it would be rude to laugh at.

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