Get this powerful RTX 3070 Ryzen 5600X gaming PC for £ 290 off


AWD-IT remains one of the best cries out for getting a next-gen graphics card at a reasonable price, so I thought I’d share what I think is their best deal right now – their TD500 build, which combines cutting edge technology. Ryzen 5 5600X processor and RTX 3070 graphics card for a system capable of handling 1080p, 1440p or even 4K gaming in AAA titles. It has been slashed from £ 1,500 to £ 1,210, a reduction of £ 290 from its list price and a good deal for a machine of this caliber.

As you might expect based on the aggressive pricing, there are a few discounts elsewhere in the version – which you can either upgrade later or pay a bit more to upgrade right away. The motherboard, surprisingly, is very solid – the MSI B550M Pro VDH. This gives you PCIe 4.0 compatibility, unlocking the use of high-end NVMe SSDs and thus ensuring some durability. The 650W PSU is also an Asus Strix model with a Gold rating, which is great value for an RTX 3070 build like this which should give you the opportunity to expand into the to come up.

The CPU and GPU are an amazing combo, but the RAM is limited to 8 GB (luckily still in dual channel mode) and the storage is only 240 GB. I would probably upgrade them myself using what is in my current PC if I upgraded to this one, but you can also pay a small fee to get a more standard 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD – an extra £ 41 gives you 16GB of Crucial RAM CL16 at 3200 MHz, while an extra £ 24 gets you a Crucial P2 NVMe SSD that’s twice the size and way more than twice as fast. This brings the total to £ 1,275, which I think is reasonable.

Looking at PCPartPicker again, we can put all of these components into the system and see how much it would cost to assemble a similar system yourself. With the upgraded case, motherboard, processor, RAM, SSD, and PSU, I got £ 683 if you get every item from the cheapest retailer possible. That leaves £ 592 for the graphics card – not to mention build, testing, shipping, and three years of aftermarket support. Considering the RTX 3070 currently sells for between £ 700 and £ 1000 on Ebay, £ 592 for a 3070 and all that work of building a computer and shipping it seems pretty darn reasonable to me.

If that also seems reasonable to you, check out the offer link above. It’ll be one hell of a gaming PC, and all the parts are out of the box so you can upgrade as you wish – something that can’t always be said for PC makers like MSI, Dell or HP who tend to use proprietary cases, power supplies, and motherboards.

What do you think of this agreement? Let us know in the comments below. And by the way, there’s also a Core i5 10400F version with a 3070 for even less here, if you’re an end-to-end Intel fan. Enjoy!

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