Gaming laptop vs gaming PC: which one to choose?



There are several things to consider when deciding whether to buy a gaming laptop or gaming PC.

One of the hardest decisions to make as a gamer building their gaming paradise is choosing between a gaming laptop or a gaming PC. After all, there are so many things to consider when choosing the centerpiece of its gaming system.

Nowadays, gaming laptops have evolved into a tough and competitive choice for gamers as gaming PCs have also stepped up their game. This makes it harder to make a decision when it comes to buying laptop or gaming PC.

One thing to keep in mind when approaching this decision, however, is how the game system will be used. Additionally, there are three additional factors gamers should consider when buying a gaming laptop or PC.

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3 things to consider before buying a laptop or gaming PC

1. Performance of Gaming Laptop vs Gaming PC

One of the most important things to consider (if not the most important factor) when choosing between a gaming laptop and a gaming PC is performance. Gaming laptops these days offer efficient systems ready to compete with basic gaming PCs.

Although gaming laptops and gaming PCs may seem to offer similar performance at first glance due to their comparable processors, graphics cards, RAM and storage, there is a big difference when it comes to overall performance.

IGN reported that in general, “desktops generally outperform laptops in any demanding situation”. This is despite the fact that gaming laptops and gaming PCs have similar hardware. The reason comes down to the processor and discrete graphics.

He cites the Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card as an example, as its PC version has more CUDA cores, more Tensor units, more RT cores, and more memory bandwidth than the mobile version of the graphics card. Along with more efficient processors and graphics cards and overall superior hardware, gaming PCs also often come with better cooling systems that make them the better choice.

2. Game System Customization

Players will often need the ability to customize their gaming systems, especially if they are looking to have a long term investment. Games Radar reported that gaming desktops offer more room for upgrading and customization. Only a handful of gaming laptops actually offer the ability to swap components, but that too will come at a steep price.

Gaming PCs, on the other hand, are often designed from the ground up to be customizable to suit a gamer’s needs, from their CPUs and GPUs to their cooling systems, a capability that simply isn’t present. in gaming laptops.

3. Prices for laptops and gaming PCs

Among the many factors that go into deciding whether to buy a gaming laptop or gaming PC is price, as it is influenced by market conditions. Price hikes are inevitable with the shortage of microchips affecting a number of consumer goods including gaming laptops and gaming PCs.

Gamespot reported that desktop GPUs are no longer selling at manufacturer’s recommended retail prices or MSRPs, so customers should opt for more expensive options. Meanwhile, gaming laptops cost more due to the research and development costs of creating a smaller, more compact system.

In conclusion, gamers should opt for a gaming laptop if they need a portable setup and don’t need an array of customizable components. Gaming laptops are also great for doubling as powerful machines for work. Gamers who need high levels of customization and don’t mind portability issues should opt for gaming PCs instead.

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