Gamer spends $30,000 to create the ultimate game room


Some people are willing to spend massive sums of money on their gaming setups. It’s really no wonder the price of these things tend to rise so quickly – have you seen what some places will charge for a gaming chair? I mean, come on, a chair is a chair. It can only be so comfortable.

Anyway, if you want to do it, you have to do it right, and as Gamer on PC reports, a player certainly has. YouTuber BANKII spent $30,000 to create a game room based on his favorite star citizen boat. You know, the game that has raised over $400 million in crowdfunding since 2012, and is still only available in Alpha. I digress, anyway, because the room looks really fantastic.

Before you take a look at the $30,000 room, be sure to take a look at this amazing gaming setup, created from lots of LED panels.

It wasn’t just about filling a room with fancy technology, oh no (although he does that too). This was a building project in its own right – to move forward with those space shuttle vibes, a welded steel frame had to be fabricated, which was then embellished with wooden panels. Adding to the sci-fi theme, you enter the room (which was built as an extension of the YouTuber’s studio) through automatic sliding doors.

The interior of the “ship” made up the bulk of the cost, at $11,685 (an additional $1,700 went to the automatic doors), but the gaming PC at the heart of the room was also very expensive. The custom rig, which houses an RTX 3090, cost BANKII $6,650. Not to mention its three 65-inch TVs and 49-inch curved screen. In case that’s not enough, the room also has a kitchenette equipped with an air fryer, grill and kettle, perfect for preparing snacks during a particularly long gaming session.

Now, would I advise you to go out and spend that much money to turn a room into a spaceship? To be honest reader, no, I don’t think you should. But if you do, I think the kettle is a good shout.

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