Game apps company cites happy work culture for success


Clipwire Games was certified Great Place to Work in Canada after its success with Bingo Story.

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Billions of people around the world are use their smartphones a lot more now due to the coronavirus pandemic, and this trend is spreading heavily to smartphone games.

Mobile gaming is on the right track, according to a recent app Annie report exceed $ 100 billion in all mobile app stores in 2020 and casual mobile games accounted for 82% of mobile downloads in 2019. Monthly time spent in all mobile games increased 40% year-on-year in Q2 2020 –reach a new record of more than 200 billion hours in April 2020, AppAnnie reported.

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There is no better example than Clipwire Games’ hit Bingo Story, which has become the highest grossing game in US and Canadian app stores developed by a Canadian studio.

Thanks to the massive success of Bingo Story and other games, the Toronto-based studio has been certified Great Place to Work in Canada. In an interview, CEO and Founder Ritesh Khanna spoke about the company’s recent success and how it has been able to foster a positive workplace for game designers.

“For developers who want to get into mobile gaming or advance their careers, it’s important to always learn. Even if you don’t have formal experience yet, there are low cost programming solutions like Unity that allow you to start building a portfolio and show employers your potential. As you start to deepen your skills, you can think about your end user even more, ”Khanna said.

“One of our values ​​at Clipwire is ‘create’ which means we are always building something for our end user and continually pushing our team to find ways to maximize the mobile gaming experience. When you can doing it for your end user, you will have much more success with retaining and increasing your target audience. ”

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The company has been around since 2010 and has around 20 employees, but really caught on in 2016 with Bingo Story, which was its first big hit. The game is currently ranked in the top 10 board games in over 20 countries for iOS, and on Android it is ranked in the top 10 board games in over 85 countries.

Since entering into a strategic partnership with mobile game company AppLovin in February, Clipwire has achieved 500% revenue growth.

Jordan Satok, vice president of corporate development at AppLovin, said the growth of Bingo Story was part of a larger effort to help companies like Clipwire with not only financial backing, but “strategic direction to create bigger, more impactful games that continue to engage players. “

“The history of Bingo has been very successful for us. We started in 2016, and it was probably our biggest mobile success and continues to be to this day,” said Khanna. “Our mission is to make the best games possible. We want to make sure that when our players are there, we give them a great bingo experience.”

Khanna urged game developers to never stop practicing coding games, saying it makes a huge difference when applying for a job. Even if they’re not published by big companies, showing employers what your skills look like in the real world is a plus.

Within Clipwire, Khanna said the company tries to set new goals each quarter and find new ways to measure success while providing as many opportunities as possible for employees. He specifically mentioned Jaime Pearse, head of game design at Clipwire, as an example of someone with skills, intuition and innate talent from the start.

In Pearse’s first year, she went from being a producer to being a chief game designer after showing her talent for successfully designing features soon after being hired.

“I’m very proud to be a part of the Clipwire team and the work we do. We have a great atmosphere of collaboration and creation,” said Pearse. “When I first joined the studio, I came in as a producer and started designing in that role. I felt the design came very naturally to me, and Ritesh He recognized that too, he was open to me taking a new position and encouraging my own growth.

Khanna added that Clipwire is able to set itself apart by discovering and analyzing game data that helps the team make improvements that matter to users.

“Right now people are playing mobile games, but it’s still imperative that we continue to be smart about how we grow our business. Fortunately, game development and business continuity continues for us, even in a work-from-home environment. When you have the right people and the right teams in place, you can trust your employees to know what needs to be done, ”said Khanna.

“Our management team has been in the industry for years and is now focused on mentoring our future leaders and delivering high quality mobile games to the world. ”

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