Fortnite Champ Bugha and Five Below launch new line of gaming gear


Gaming is expensive whether you’re playing on PC or looking to purchase one of the new consoles this holiday season. Particularly for kids with no source of income, it can make you feel left out of the fun, but Five Below and Fortnite champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf have teamed up on a new line of products that aim to tackle this problem.

Seven exclusive in-game items are now available in over 1,000 stores as well as on the Five Below website. They understand:

  • LED gaming headset with boom microphone
  • LED gaming headset holder with USB ports
  • LED gaming keyboard
  • LED gaming microphone
  • LED gaming mouse
  • LED Gaming Mouse Pad
  • LED gaming speaker and subwoofer set

That’s a lot of LEDs. Despite the store name, these items don’t cost $ 5 each. No, you will pay the hefty price of $ 10 for them. For that little bit of money, you won’t get the same quality as brands like Razer or Logitech, but that’s still all you need to start playing games on a PC – minus the PC and real games – and you will be able to chat with your friends while doing it. Of course, if you want to play Fortnite like Bugha, you won’t need to spend any extra money.

The mouse even comes with seven keys so you can set it up for your favorite games, and with several microphone options, you’ll be better equipped if you want to start streaming. Because they are so cheap, it won’t be a huge loss if you decide to replace them with something better later. You probably will.

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