Fan-Made Overwatch Skin Turns Echo Into A Gaming PC


While there have been plenty of Overwatch skin concepts over the years, the last one is truly unique, as it turns Echo into a colorful gaming PC.


The many heroes of Monitoring are what defines the game, and artistic fans often use their creativity to develop each character’s cosmetic lineup. The same was done with Echo, with a Monitoring fan going beyond his concept.

As a robot, there is a lot of potential for Echo’s additional features. Monitoring skins. Blizzard gave the character a more military design through the Camo outfit, while the butterfly skin is as colorful as it gets. The Surfs Up and Kkachi event skins have also proven particularly popular, and with Echo being the most recent hero added, there is still a lot of potential for his future skin additions. However, if Evanyla had what she wanted, Echo would look like the platform many use to play. Monitoring.

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This Monitoring The concept of skin is impressive for two reasons, one of which should be immediately obvious. Usually, fan-made skin ideas take the form of 2D artwork, with players sketching out their design and making an intricate design. However, using Unreal Engine, Evanyla brought the Echo PC game to life. Dubbed “Dark Circuit,” Echo looks amazing as she moves around the menu, showing all the details in a proper 3D environment. As for the skin itself, there is something to love.

Evanyla begins showing Dark Circuit Echo with photos of her appendages, as her fingertips can be seen glowing and changing colors. The fan then shows a front view of Echo’s face, confirming that his head will travel a rainbow of colors just like his fingers. All over the body of the skin, some segments are illuminated in color, while everything else is dark black. The fan then spins Echo, showing how the skin concept translates into the actual game.

While the concept of a rainbow color echo may seem overdone and unappealing, black perfectly balances the colorful aspects of the outfit. As such, many Monitoring fans want the skin to be official, with some even saying it’s better than any other skins currently in the game. Editors like PuGGs247 were even planning to load and purchase the game before seeing the fan skin in the game. title, showing how well this Unreal Engine version of Echo is designed. While Evanyla confirms in the comments that the PC-themed skin was originally made as a joke, the end product is certainly cooler than funny.

Hope every time Monitoring 2 finally comes out, Echo gets cosmetics as unique as this one. While there are countless ways for Blizzard to make clever adjustments to its default appearance, this creation of Dark Circuit makes it clear that some more ridiculous concepts can turn out to be incredible.

Monitoring is now available on PC, PS4 Switch, and Xbox One.

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