DOS gaming PC gets necessary updates


The PC-104 is a standard computer form factor that most people outside of industrial environments have probably never seen before. It’s basically an Intel 486 processor that supports many standards that are long gone from most computers, but that makes it ideal for two things: controlling old industrial equipment and running classic DOS games on computer. native hardware. For the latter, we turn again to [The Rasteri] which improves on its previous version with an even smaller DOS gaming platform, this time based on an even smaller platform than PC-104.

The key to a build like this is that it needs native support for the long-deprecated ISA bus in order to be able to interface with a SoundBlaster card, a benchmark standard for video games from the UK. era. This small computer still has this functionality in a smaller body, but with a few major improvements. Firstly, it has a floating point unit to be able to run games like Quake. It is also much faster than the PC-104 system and uses less power. Finally, it fits in an even smaller case.

The build goes far beyond just running software on an SoM computer. [The Rasteri] also custom built an interface card for this project, complete with all necessary ports and an ISA audio chip, while keeping the size to a minimum. The new version also allows it to give the version a better name than the old one (although it formulates this upgrade slightly differently), and will also allow it to expand some functionality in the future. Make sure to check out this first version if you are new to this saga as well.

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