Designing a game room – 6 great tips


If you’re an avid gamer, having a designated game room in your home makes sense. Somewhere you can go and play games at your leisure. If that sounds like bliss, follow these six great tips for designing the game room of your dreams.

Designate a room

Naming a room seems like an easy task, but it’s not always the case. If your space is limited, you may need to use the room for other things as well. For example, are you going to occupy part of the guest bedroom or the dining room to play? This can make a difference as to how and when you use the part and how many modifications you can make.

Another thing you need to consider is exactly how you are going to use the room. Are you a solo player? If so, you may only need a screen, a chair, and a play space for one. You can use a closet or even set up your garden shed for gaming purposes. However, if you are going to invite friends over for regular game nights, you may need more space, so use the sub- floor, the garage or the dining room for this purpose might make more sense.

Get great games

You need to consider the games you are going to play in your space. You’ve probably downloaded several already, but if you have a new arcade, you should treat yourself to some great games to go. Visit this website for more information.


Your decoration is important as it will affect your mood while playing. If you want to feel calm and serene, go for blue. To feel energetic, red may be a better option for you. Black can look good in large rooms because it doesn’t distract from the game you’re playing. However, it can start to feel claustrophobic after a while, especially if your game room is small and you don’t have a window. You should avoid this color if you are going to use the room for other purposes as well.

Have everything at your fingertips

Make sure everything you need is accessible in your game room. If you like to have a beer or two while you play or need a snack break, it can be a good idea to furnish your game room with a fridge so you can keep those things handy. Restock regularly so you don’t run out at an important time. This is especially necessary if you want to invite other people to play with you.


Furniture is an important part of the gaming experience. There’s nothing worse than getting a stiff neck or getting too uncomfortable to enjoy a game. Your choice of furniture may depend on your gaming style. If you enjoy playing PC games, you’ll need a good desk with enough space to be comfortable.

If you tend to play alone, it’s a good idea to invest in a good gaming chair with adapted lumbar support so you don’t hurt your neck or back while playing. It’s also important to buy one that has a swivel motion because you can hurt yourself by spinning too quickly if you have a non-swivel chair with you.

If you consider gaming to be a group activity, platform chairs may be the best option for you. These are less expensive than buying multiple gaming chairs and have features like cup holders and footrests to keep your guests comfortable while gaming.


It is important to create the right backlight in your gaming room. You’ll be spending your time staring at a screen, so you should select lighting that won’t shine directly on your PC. It will leave you with a bad headache and dampened enthusiasm for gaming. Too little light can cause you vision problems that won’t help your game at all.

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